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Which of those players listed in the George Mitchell report are/were members of the Diamondbacks?

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    14 with D-Backs ties in Mitchell Report

    Though 14 players who were named in the Mitchell Report had ties to the team, little in the report released Thursday would count as ground-breaking or particularly stunning in how it relates to the Diamondbacks.

    None of the 14 was a current player, the most high-profile players - sluggers Matt Williams and Troy Glaus - had already been named in published reports, and most had minor roles or brief stints in their careers with the Diamondbacks.

    "Of course you'd prefer not any of your players be mentioned, but in the end it's sad that any players were caught in this," Diamondbacks Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick said. "We're certainly thankful that we as a club and our players played a very limited role."

    The Mitchell Report contained no information on Williams and Glausthat had not previously been reported. It noted that Williams had been connected to shipments of human growth hormone in a San Francisco Chronicle report and that Glaus had received drug shipments per a Sports Illustrated report.

    Williams, who played the final six seasons of his career with the Diamondbacks, owns a small stake in the team and is involved with the club's broadcasts. The only other player named who currently is part of the organization is former major-leaguer Mike Bell, who managed the Diamondbacks' short-season Yakima affiliate this year.

    Kendrick said the club will wait to determine a course of action with Williams and Bell until Commissioner Bud Selig reviews their cases.

    "We're certainly going to be guided by what the commissioner concludes is the appropriate action that needs to be taken, if any," Kendrick said.

    Pitchers Jason Grimsley, Darren Holmes, Stephen Randolph, Matt Herges, Ron Villone and Jim Parque all were named in the report. Of those players, Randolph, who pitched in 95 games for the Diamondbacks in 2003 and 2004, had the most significant role with Arizona.

    Outfielder Jose Guillen, sluggers Jack Cust and Alex Cabrera, infielder Chris Donnels and catcher Bobby Estalella also were named. Guillen played part of the 2002 season with the Diamondbacks.

    His name surfaced along with Williams' in the Chronicle report last month.

    The section in the report on Cabrera, who played in 31 gameswith the Diamondbacks in 2000, was particularly detailed.

    According to the report, a Diamondbacks clubhouse attendant discovered a bottle of steroids and pills in a package mailed to the ballpark.

    The commissioner's office was notified, the report said, as was the Drug Enforcement Administration, but by the time the DEA had confirmed the contents of the shipment, Cabrera's contract had been sold to a Japanese team.

    "This is a difficult day for all of us who love the game," Kendrick said.

    "But it's a necessary day. Hopefully it's the start of a new era in the game."

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    Matt Williams, Troy Glaus, Jason Grimsley, Darren Holmes, Stephen Randolph, Matt Herges, Ron Villone, Jim Parque, Jose Guillen, ack Cust and Alex Cabrera, Chris Donnels and Bobby Estalella all were at one point in their careers on the D-backs

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    Here's an article from the Arizona Republic:

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    Why ought to they be banned? Did MLB try everybody randomly? Are they honestly advantageous they have all the culprits? Are those suggested all responsible as implied? i think of baseball ought to have pre-empted this complete unhappy episode yet are you able to make certain how lots greater money baseball made throughout the time of the steroid era? You and that i payed for it and Bud Selig and different baseball functionaries can lament all they desire yet no person is being asked to furnish any money returned and no person is soliciting for the resignation of the commish. think of if this took place in Korea or Japan. The commish would be lengthy previous earlier he can hire a self-serving investigator to make it look he cares or cared. To make an apology to the followers baseball can locate the money for to diminish all value ticket expenses in 0.5 for a three hundred and sixty 5 days and set up numerous charities to serve the conventional public funded by way of 10% of gamers' salaries. Yeah, good!

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    Read the is on every sports website

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