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Is immigration to Alberta, (La crete,Canada) is easier?

If I am a special educator then can I find jobs in Alberta and settle there? Please guide.

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    A work permit is a document issued by Immigration Canada that allows a foreign individual to work for a limited time at a specific job for a specific employer in Canada.

    There are strict guidelines for hiring immigrant worker in Canada therefore it is very unlikely you could secure a job in Alberta without a permit. I should tell you that there are lots of companies that are hiring workers from other countries right now.

    I am enclosing some websites you should probably look at if you are seriously considering relocating and working in Alberta.

    This is the government site for workers who want to temporarily work in Canada. It answers any questions you may have - it includes an application form.

    There is something which you must know and that is in order for you to qualify for a work permit you MUST have already received an offer of employment from a Canadian employer. If you have not received an offer you may still qualify for Permanent Residency in Canada.

    The type of companies that are recruiting immigrant workers are:

    Oilfield companies who are looking for qualified trades people like welders, drillers, etc.

    Hospital Industry: Places like Tim Horten's, Humpty's restaurants

    Meat Processing plants

    You should also be made aware that while you may be a "special educator" in your country may not mean that your qualifications are recognized in Canada. Many people immigrate to Canada who had highly specialized jobs in their homeland but when they come to Canada they soon find out that their qualifications don't meet Canadian standards so aren't able to secure the same employment here. I don't know exactly what you mean by "special educator" but it would be in your own best interest to find out how your qualifications compare to Canadian standards.

    Not only will you find Alberta an expensive province to live due to the high cost of housing it's also in short supply. You will need to find a position that pay well enough to afford to live here. In order to find that good paying job you will need to meet or exceed the standards set out by the province regarding educators.

    Canadian immigration will give your application consideration provided it's a job that has a shortage of workers like the ones I mentioned. If you are looking for landed immigrant status you will likely need a sponsor here. I don't want to discourage anyone from moving here but I do want anyone wanting to immigrate to Alberta to aware of what they need.


    Here are some more websites which may interest you.

    An evaluation online to see if you qualify

    As of April 2004, the only immigration and citizenship consultants who will be recognized by the federal government department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada are those who are members in good standing of CSIC or lawyers who are members of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society.

    Membership in the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants is restricted to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

    Website for ALL your Online application forms:

    Website for Fees you pay for Immigration:

    Website for Skilled Workers and Professionals

    Please read everything you can find on the immigration process carefully and follow their guidelines. Unfortunately the process can be not only very time consuming but a very lengthy process.

    **** Website to La Crete Public School. They specifically state this: "job posting from Fort Vermilion School Division No. 52 may require certification levels, qualifications or eligibility requirements for being employed in Canada or the province of Alberta. Please read the postings carefully! DO NOT apply or send unsolicited resumes if you do not meet the requirements listed by Fort Vermilion School Division No. 52 in their posting"

    **** The following link gives you all the information you need to teach in Alberta including citizenship, qualifications, etc.

    **** The following is link to Out of Country Teachers to apply and what they need for Alberta.

    ***** I don't know if the Mennonite schools fall under the "private" label because even checking the St. Paul school division the Hurtterite Colone schools and the Mennonite schools falls under their umbrella. They do have 3 openings.

    Hopefully you will have found this helpful

    Good Luck.

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    I worked for the school board that you are talking about. If you want to talk to someone at this school board, talk to someone at the Fort Vermilion School Division. There are jobs in this division but there is also quite a bit of competition.

    Google, "Fort Vermilion School Dvision" and you will find the website for them.

    Also, try calling "Alberta Teachers Association" and talk to them about qualifications for teaching. It will really depend on what courses you have taken, and where the courses are from. I would guess that you would have to upgrade your qualifications when coming to Canada, because Canada rarely accepts qualifications from other countries.

    Another possible option if you are planning on moving to La Crete, anyway, is to teach in a private Mennonite school there. There is at least one (possibly more) and they do not require the same qualifications. The pay for these schools would be a lot less, though. Someone in the Mennonite church would probably know the name of the school; I do not.

    All the best, take care. If you have any more questions about the community or the area, feel free to e-mail me.

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    you will have to apply for immigration to canada like anyone else

    it can be a long and expensive process if you qualify

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