hi i need to get to jfk from mount vernon east metro north train?

i need the info before 12/19/07 which is the day of my vegas trip

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    Metro North to Grand Central Terminal. That's step one.

    Then, you have a few practical options, depending on time constraints, weather, and what you're carrying (order from least expensive to most expensive):

    1) Walk from Grand Central to Penn Station (15-20 min). Long Island Rail Road to Jamaica. AirTrain to JFK.

    2) S subway train to Times Square/Port Authority Bus Terminal. ANY downtown-bound train from there (1/2/3/A/C/E, whichever you find first), to 34 St./Penn Station. LIRR to Jamaica, AirTrain to JFK. For the subways, the 1/2/3 will probably be closest to where you get off the S. The A/C/E are over on 8th Avenue, accessed by a corridor within the station. It's a very large station.

    3) Cab to Penn Station. LIRR to Jamaica, AirTrain to JFK.

    4) Cab directly to JFK (after arriving at Grand Central).

    Not sure I'd recommend the cab from Grand Central to JFK, because that's unnecessary cost UNLESS you need to go straight there in a real hurry. The LIRR and AirTrain run very frequently, though, and the connections are quite good. Jamaica's on the LIRR main line, so almost every train goes there. The AirTrain runs every 2-4 minutes during the day.

    If you want to walk it, it's a nice hike, though it could be rather crowded at that time of year in midtown Manhattan. This is my choice if I'm not carrying a huge amount of stuff, the weather is decent, and I have time.

    If you have a good amount of luggage but you're doing all right on time, option (2) is probably your best bet.

    If you're a little shorter on time, option (3) might be best, though in midtown traffic, it's hard to say whether the cab would beat the S train and the 1/2/3 Broadway line.

    Things to know, just in case you don't already. Reminders can't hurt:

    Subways and AirTrain use MetroCard. Subways are $2, AirTrain is $5. The subway transfers I've mentioned are all free (from subway to subway, like the S to the 1/2/3/A/C/E).

    LIRR does NOT use MetroCard. You may buy a ticket at a ticket window, at a ticket vending machine in the station, or if you're in a real hurry, you can just board a train and buy your ticket on board (costs a bit more).

    Source(s): Life-long New Yorker. http://www.mta.info/ - great for finding your NYC mass transit routes.
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