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Is the Mitchell Report just the tip of the iceburg?

Im listening to the radio station that FP Santangelo is on and he has admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs and has owned up to the report, however he is saying the report is not accurate in what he took exaclty and that there are alot more players that are not on this list. He has said that Ken Camaniti was right when at least half of baseball players have used PED's.

I tend to believe him since guys like Luis Gonzales, Mike Lowell, Javier Lopez, and Pudge Rodriguez didnt show up on this report. What do you thinK?

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    The Mitchell report is primarily composed of the reports and records from BALCO and the 2 trainers from NY. There is a much bigger problem in the sport than these 2 locations. EVERY Team (Including my favorite Boston) has players wrapped up in this who haven't been discovered yet. The sport is tarnished and as I've mentioned on another post, caused me to not buy my Tickets for the Red Sox which I normally buy. Instead I'll support Minor League Baseball who has the most aggressive testing program and stiffest penalties in pro sports.

    What's scariest is that Jose Canseco seems to be a genius on this topic....

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    No doubt this will bleed into all aspects of sports. Football, Basketball, Golf, Nascar... The ball has started rolling...

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    No doubt there are others that may or may not ever come to be known for sure.

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    Yes, I absolutely believe him. We need roids out.

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    No, something will be bigger.

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