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How is Malaysia a place for wine and spirits?

i will be going to Malysia for 3 years and i m and wine and spirits lover. Is wine and spirit readily available in Malaysia and what about the costs.

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    Yes. Although it is not halal.

    The few good places are in the supermarkets. Eg : Giant, Carrefour, Cold Storage, Tesco, etc... There's a section for all these alcoholic stuff and pork since it is a Muslim country.

    There's a few specialised stores for wine, like Tiffany's.

    An average wine bottle is about RM 60-120. Champagne is about RM200 ++ for really good ones.

    Most of them comes from Australia and the US.

    Source(s): I'm a underage-teenage girl and lived in Malaysia my whole life.
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    Yes they do have wine and spirits in their hypermarts.

    That is of course...If you like Australian wine. And their spirits.... All their alcohol is cheap but... Seriously, I'd rather drink water than their alcohol. In the first place, most of them already look highly suspicious.

    But then again, that's me. We've all got different tastes preferences so you might be able to find something you like.

    Bar wise however, it is difficult to find a decent bar in Malaysia. The safest bet would be to head to hotels.

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    I too have been in Malaysia but being a Muslim country, i didn't find any bars.

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    Please tell me once you get a positive reply.

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