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Who is Felix from

Hi, I have tried to post a couple of reviews on the site of Felix, oh, sorry,, and after 72 hours as it was promised on the site, my reviews have never been added, the reviews were positive but they never made it. What was even worse, I tried a couple of times, and on one occasion it was published, when the review was a bit moderate and grey and was not very upbeat, because of course it would downgrade the beauty and trading expertise of such mighty forex trader as Felix himself, anyway, the post was on the site for a day or 2 and then enigmatically disappeared into unknown or Felix Bin. Bin capitalized as I am pretty sure many people who tried to leave reviews had encountered the same issue. So I would like to hear some fellow traders who had bad experience trading with Felix as I assume you would not be able to read any bad feedback on his site which promotes other 4 sites that he runs, making it a well of stale water without truth n light

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    Yes I agree is absolutely fantastic it's just they are not free - 90$ monthly subscription.

    Good news is they provide 7 days free trial but you have to downpay them 90$ and within 7 days you can cancel your registration with money refund but you know it's kind of awkward: register, pay 90 USD.

    Fortunately there's a workaround though: a few days ago one guy found out a working account on their site (login / password) through which you can gain access. I think it might be some kind of internal testing account or a trial account for special customers.

    Anyway just go to

    click Get Our Signals

    User ID:


    They claim to be making over 2000 pips monthly and no one has been unhappy working with them so enjoy!

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    Shortly - "Felix" is not even Felix, it's just his nickname. His real name is Dmitri Chavkerov ( ).

    Just GOOGLE forexbastards + scam you'll be surprised how many people can share their story! Felix is the chief forex bastard!

    One guy even created a brief video about

    Youtube thumbnail

    Obviously Felix's signals just don't work and besides they are NOT for free. I would recommend as a reliable signals provider. I don't want to advertise them but seriously they are awesome I just joined them 2 months ago and their performance is unbelievable, just have a look here:

    Hope this helps

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    I know what you mean...I submitted 2 positive reviews on Forexbastards in the past and he never published them.

    You can try to post your reviews at I submitted a positive review there and it was published in less than a day.

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    In reference to Alex777's post is owned by Pipwizard LLC they apparently are in a heated fight with Dmitri/Felix and have a page exposing him

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