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然後 只翻第一段(你會有不一樣的收穫喔!)


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    Hello, every one. I am going to introduce Taiwan to you.

    Taiwan is a small island which seas surround. Although it is much smaller than other countries, it's really a signature country. That's all talk in the same vein. Taiwanese snacks are the most popular. Every dish has the only taste. Many people commend it a lot and eat with appetite and relish. There are many kinds of Taiwanese snacks. For example, the stinking tofu, meat ball soup, oyster noodles and stewed minced pork with rice , and so on. If you have a chance, look around the night markets. You'll get different experiences.


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    因為有字數限制,所以到這邊載wold 檔吧!


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    Everybody is good,這瞎小!

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    Everybody is good, I should be for every introduction Taiwan

    Taiwan lies in an island surrounded by sea on four sides , though it is much smaller than that of other countries, but it is a very characteristic small country to discuss, this is what everybody knows, among them Taiwan snack is the most famous, all snack have its unique taste , a lot of people speak highly of Taiwan snack, wipe out with relish, there is extraordinary and much Taiwan snack, for example: Strong-smelling preserved bean curd, a soup of tribute, the line, steamed meat meal by Ke son,etc., have an opportunity to take a walk in the snack evening market more, you will have different harvest oh! If you come from the high latitude country, then travel Taiwan, you can throw away the heavy coat, will enjoy the warm and nice and warm sunshine heartily, or you think one taste pleasant sensation that sweat freely , can reach four seasons such as south such as Taiwan like the sandy beach of Kun Ding of summer , needn't be afraid that will be sunburned by the gaudy male genital either; In addition, is surrounded by sea on four sides , affected by ocean air current deeply , the moist it type attitude will let you completely forget that dry and cold feeling. If you come from the low latitudes country, can still be intoxicated in the warm and warm sunshine here, because it is cool that Taiwan has more one, can meet you and think of the wish far away from heat definitely. Go to the mountain area of Taiwan to take a walk, the jade green view all over the mountain, excellent moment when bath of of forest comes, throw it in the precise air and fragrance in the forest, please breathe this stretch of fresh air in the beautiful island in Taiwan wilfully! The ones that thank you for listen


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