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下列以中翻英 ! ! 12月17日截止喔 20點



太空中的雲氣經由重力塌縮,將重力位能轉變成動能, 動能的增加使得雲氣的溫度昇高。當溫度昇高到107 K時, 便使得雲氣中的氫開始產生核融合,釋放出能量。


質子-質子鏈(p-p chain)

碳氮氧循環(CNO cycle)

兩種核融合過程都是將四個氫核融合成一個氦,並釋放出能量。主序星用那一種氫融合過程產生能量,和它的核心的溫度有密切的關聯。據 太陽標準模型 ,太陽核心的溫度約為一千五百萬度,理論計算顯示,太陽高於百分之九十的能量可能是經由質子-質子鏈產生,而少於百分之十是來自碳氮氧循環(參見質子-質子鏈與碳氮氧循環與溫度的關係圖)。但大質量恆星,能量產生的途徑是以碳氮氧循環為主。



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    The stars in the universe, is in fact fixed stars, because the planet can't give out light, just like the earth. And fixed star for example the sun, can give out light by oneself.

    Each fixed star in the outer space, can all give out light by oneself.

    The thin, floating clouds in the space collapse and contract via the gravity, can change the gravity location into the kinetic energy, the increase of the kinetic energy makes the temperature of the thin, floating clouds rise. When rising to 107 K in temperature, make the hydrogen in the thin, floating clouds begin to produce nuclear fusion, release energy.

    There are two kinds of hydrogen nuclear fusion course:

    Proton - Proton chain (p-p chain)

    Carbon nitrogen oxygen circulation (CNO cycle)

    Two nuclear fusion course to succeed a piece of helium four hydrogen nuclear fusion, release energy. It produces energy that the main sequence star merges the course with that kind of hydrogen, have close relation with its central temperature. According to the standard model of the sun, the central temperature of the sun is about 15 million degrees, calculate and show, it may be emerging via the proton - the proton chain that the sun is higher than 90% of the energy in theory, it is to come from carbon nitrogen oxygen circulation and is less than 10% (see protons- Proton chain and carbon nitrogen oxygen circulation and relation picture of temperature) . But the fixed star of big quality, the way that energy produces is to take carbon nitrogen oxygen circulation as the core.

    It is really too far from the earth because of each fixed star, even a brighter fixed star, we seem it is just a snack, this is the so-called stars.

    Source(s): 天之心
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  • 1 decade ago

    In the universe star, actually is a star, because the planet cannot

    shine, likes the Earth. But the star is just like the sun, can own



    Outside outer space each star, all can own shine.


    In the outer space cloud was mad collapses by way of the gravity

    shrinks, transforms the gravity potential energy the kinetic energy,

    the kinetic energy increase causes temperature increment which the

    cloud was mad. When temperature increment to 107 K, then causes the

    cloud to be mad the hydrogen starts to produce the nucleation fusion,

    releases the energy.

    (太空中的雲氣經由重力塌縮,將重力位能轉變成動能, 動能的增加使得雲氣的溫度昇高。當溫度昇高到107 K時, 便使得雲氣中的氫開始產生核融合,釋放出能量。)

    The proton fusion process has two kinds:

    Proton - proton chain (p-p chain)

    Carbon nitrogen oxygen circulation (CNO cycle)


    質子-質子鏈(p-p chain)

    碳氮氧循環(CNO cycle) )

    Two kind of nuclei fusions process all is melts four protons

    synthesizes a helium, and releases the energy. The main foreword star

    has the energy with that one kind of hydrogen fusion process, has the

    close connection with its core temperature. According to the solar

    standard model, the solar core temperature approximately is 1,500

    million, the theoretical calculation demonstration, the sun is higher

    than 90% energy is possibly by way of the proton - proton chain

    production, but is short to 10% is comes from the carbon nitrogen

    oxygen circulation (to see also proton - proton chain and carbon

    nitrogen oxygen circulation and temperature relational chart). But the

    big quality star, the energy produces the way is by the carbon

    nitrogen oxygen circulation primarily.

    (兩種核融合過程都是將四個氫核融合成一個氦,並釋放出能量。主序星用那一種氫融合過程產生能量,和它的核心的溫度有密切的關聯。據 太陽標準模型 ,太陽核心的溫度約為一千五百萬度,理論計算顯示,太陽高於百分之九十的能量可能是經由質子-質子鏈產生,而少於百分之十是來自碳氮氧循環(參見質子-質子鏈與碳氮氧循環與溫度的關係圖)。但大質量恆星,能量產生的途徑是以碳氮氧循環為主。)

    And further because too has been really far for each stellar distance

    Earth, even if is the bright star, we look like also only are a dot,

    this is the so-called star.


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