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Mitchell report hearsay/ incomplete?

Some of the players had actual evidence against them, while others had no substantial evidence against them other than someone else saying they did it. How is this fair to those players. Also, who really believes that only 85 players have used steroids out of the thousands that have played the game in the last 2 decades? How can records and statistics be fairly stricken, as some people want, when there is no 100% way to know for sure who has taken steroids and who hasn't? The Mitchell report took 20 months, yet is incomplete, and does not provide a lot in the way of hard, factual evidence.

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    I think its useless myself. It took congress to get baseball to even attempt to clean up. 75% of the players mentioned are already out of the game and the remaining were just taking advantage of there not being a rule against it. Now Selig thinks he can play the tough sheriff and go after these guys?Good luck. Mitchell was given NO suepeona power and the people he talked to were already shady characters trying to stay out of jail. Do I think those players took steroids and HGH? Yes I do,I have always suspected Clemons of doing it. but whats going to really come out of this? Maybe the drug testing policy gets tougher but no ones going to pay. Bonds might as well be retired as is Clemons. and I think the fans don't care anymore. I know I'm sick of it.

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    they really blew it with this one. do lots of sports athletes take illegal enhancers...for sure. but many of the named players were named because somebody said they did. even though they probably did, maybe they didn't. in court a defendant has the right to counter accusers, but this wasn't a court. though nobody has been convicted of anything, reputations have been irreparabily damaged. look for defamation of character lawsuits to begin soon. if theres no proof like checks written to steriod dealers that can be proven to be payment for steroids then what proof do they really have? the word of the dealer? even a positive test can be blamed (maybe unfairly) to a personal trainer who "gave me something". the record will have to stand w/o convictions of some sort. i used to think bonds should not have credit for the homerun record. now, since its so widespread, i look at hank as the pre-steroid era record holder and barry as the post. not saying bonds is guilty in a "legal sense" ;) , but its the era that baseball is in. it sucks that mlb let it get this far when they knew what was going on. looks like bowling will have to be america's game from now on. the only performance enhancers it appears they're taking are beer and chili cheese fries! kidding.

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    some of the names that came out have checks written to this guy. others that this guy names, are linked to another trainer, there is a pattern....to me its good enough. especially when you look at their numbers and the trainers that they use. i don't doubt it. if its false, and the player or players believe its false, then its slander, then you know what, file a lawsuit then. i guarantee that they won't because there is truth to it.

    notice all the checks written out don't have anything in the memo. the only time you don't do that, is when you are trying to hide something.

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