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Takarazuka Show?

Hi, all! I'm in Japan right now, staying in Ibaraki prefecture (a few hours from Tokyo) and I would love to be able to see a Takarazuka production. Are they still running right now? My Internet ramblings have produced a lot of information on the stuff, but nothing actually involving booking tickets or telling me when performances will be.

If anyone could direct me to a hopefully English site with information, I would be so much obliged! (Japanese is okay, too, though). Thanks!

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    If you want to buy a ticket, from the main page here for instance:

    Towards the bottom you see:



    That 31961 is an event code for Lawson's electronic booking system, so go along to your nearest Lawsons and look hopeless, and staff should come along and help you out.




    597120 is for Ticket Pia, which can be booked through Family Mart, so try the same tactic of looking hopeless in their convenience store!

    Print out the whole page, and the staff should be willing to help you out if you write down the dates or whatever.

    The English synopsis is here:

    Personally, I think Takarazuka is missing out on business by not having more English info.

    Oh, and the show runs until next weekend, 24th of December. I would guess that the last three days at least would be sold out.

    Source(s): I'm a big fan - used to live 300 metres from the Takarazuka main theatre, and go two or three times a year.
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    what show are you seeing??

    those are frickin AWESOME!!!!

    sry, just had to say.

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