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If Mitchell Report is a tip of iceberg, how much % of players do YOU estimate have used it? 20%?

Mitchell listed some 85 players out of some 5000 MLB players. Some say it's a tip of iceberg. What is your true estimate? Considering that a stable player like Andy Petite were using it, I really cannot tell, as I'm no baseball expert. Probably around 20%?

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    There is no way to know. No one is going to admit it. The Mitchell report is all hear say. I wish it wasn't, but George Mitchell had no power to subpeona anyone. The only players that were named were ones that were snitched on by old players or trainers who were threatened with jail time. There is no positive tests for any of these players. I wish we could move forward from all this. I think the players named probably did steroids or hgh and many more. The only thing we can do is enforce the rules and move on from here...35%

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    Oh, no no no. I don't like the Cubs, so they are on PEDs. I don't like Cincinnati. They're all on PEDs. Some of the Cleveland Indians have muscles. They're on PEDs. Cecil Fielder and Big Papi are big. They're roiders. I think 100% of all players are on PEDs. Guilty until proven innocent.

    This last year, Terry Francona managed his 2nd World Series victory. Heck, even the managers juice!!!!!

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    Gene... that had nothing to do with the question... I'd say anywhere from 20 to 60% have juiced at some time.

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