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What mlb players that have been suspended for steroids actually ADMITS to knowing he was taking them.?

it seems like every player that has gotten caught uses the same tired excuse "oh my trainer gave them to me and i thought it was vitamins". barry is a cheat and every real baseball fan in the world knows who holds the TRUE single season home run record. ROGER MARIS.

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    Here ya go:

    Ken Caminiti - Steroids

    Bobby Estalella - Steroids and hGH

    Jason Giambi - Steroids and hGH

    Jeremy Giambi - Steroids

    Armando Rios - Steroids and hGH

    Benito Santiago - Steroids and hGH

    Jose Canseco - Steroids and hGH

    Tom House - Steroids

    Wally Joyner - Steroids

    Paxton Crawford - Steroids and hGH

    Jason Grimsley - Steroids and hGH

    Jim Leyritz - hGH

    David Segui - hGH

    John Rocker - hGH

    Paul Byrd - hGH

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    All these guys sound like idiots "I did not knowingly use steroids" Oh so let me get this straight you stuck a needle in your @$$ because it your trainer said so. And Barry Bonds said he was tired to he took some pills from another guys locker wait you were tired so you said hey let me take these pills that I have no idea what they are Yea I'm going to believe that. These guys are slapping baseball in the face if it's even possible.

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    You know it! His poor family had to go through what they did when McGwire roided the record, with them in attendance. THEY knew it, as well as the rest of the world, when he did it. They didn't look like they wanted to be there, but looks like they have class, and they were there just he same. Something people will always remember, that they were there, like Henry Aaron having the taped message when Bonds roided the record for career homeruns. Classy people!

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    Iv'e seen so many list of people they accuse of using the roids and they name wasn't in the report. Guillermo Mota i believe he apologies for using it they were an OF for the yanks i think last year who also apologies for using.

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    This isnt really a response to your question, but I just think that until we prove Mark Macguire did roids or didn't we shouldn't say theres a definate homerun record.

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    Jay Gibbons apologized for taking HGH

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    Guillermo Mota owned up to it and apologized after he was caught.

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    Only 2 I know of is Jason Grimsley and Jose Canseco.All the rest say they had no clue.

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    the only ones i know is Jose Conseco and Jason Gambi

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