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Mike asked in Computers & InternetHardwareAdd-ons · 1 decade ago

Question about external harddrives?

I have alot of games pics and videos on my computer which slow it down so i was thinking about buying one of those USB external harddrives on ebay but i have some questions

Will i be able to install any computer games on it?

(if so will i be able to play it on any computer usuing the external harddrive)

Can i hook it up to my home wireless network for storage for any computer?

Is there anything else i should know?



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  • 1 decade ago
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    Answers to your questions

    Will you be ablet o install computer games? Yes

    will you be able to play it? depends on 2 factors

    1: is your computer USB2 (usb1 max rate is 12mbs or some low crap, USB2 is around 480mbs... huge difference)

    2: is the USB drive you buying USB2??

    can you hook it up to your wireless network for storage? yes and no. Depends on how you hook it up. If you hook it up to a PC and SHARE that drive you.. yes. If you want it to be 100% networked with no pc, then the USB drive will have to have a network card built into it.

    anything else you need to know? yes... Who makes the drive, what is the HDD RPM? if its 5400 is too slow, is it USB1 or USB2?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, you can install games on it, although it may be a little slow, and anything installed on it will only work in 99% of cases on the computer which installed it to he hard drive.

    And a home network is great for storage, although you can't really install games to network drives as they will be very slow.

    I use a spare computer with an array of hard drives in it for storage of movies, music, and game downloads. Just not for installing anything, that really should be on a local drive.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think so as long as you install your game in that external HD.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you cant install games on a external drive, when you install it it will work, then when you unplug it and replug it in, it will not work

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