How do I find the legal citation for a criminal court case that was held in California?

The case is People v. Cook and the most that I can find will only tell what the trial was about and the outcome. I want to use this case as a reference because it has all of the elements that I need to write a paper of a hypothecial scenario in my criminal law class. I've used Lexis and the case is not there and findlaw has it by searching the names but there are a lot of cases People v. Cook in Ca. I can find articles on the case and none say exactly the same thing and I need to get the case citation itself to find out if the defendant was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter or just vehicular manslaughter. The original characters in the case were Jardine Russell-deceased and Keith Cook-defendant. Can someone please tell me how else I might be able to find the citation for this case.


I apologize for the typo the names are Jadine Russell - deceased and Keith Cook. The case was heard in the Pomona Superior Court in December of 1998. Links that refer to the case are Cook was already on probation for DUI when he hit a parked car that in turn hit Russell who refused blood because of her religion and she died. The links gives different verdicts so I don't know if Cook was charged with gross vehicular manslaughter or just vehicular manslaughter. I've tried to access the courts records but can't afford to pay the fee. Is there a free site where I can access this? I still can't find it in Lexis.

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    I am an expert on using Lexis, and I can assure you that there is no appellate decision, published or unpublished, involving a defendant named Keith Cook charged with manslaughter, nor any case involving anybody named Jardine Russell. There are two possible reasons: 1) you have the names wrong, or 2) this is a trial court matter which was not appealed. If it is a trial court case, the only way to find out anything about it would be to go to the superior court in the county where it happened and search the criminal index.

    ADD: I am sorry I cannot provide you with a link to this information, but this is public record. Mr. Cook was originally charged with second-degree murder (PC 187), gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated (PC 191.5(a)), and driving under the influence and at .08% BA and causing injury (VC 23153(a) and (b)). The jury acquitted of murder and convicted on all other charges. Mr. Cook was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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    Source(s): Criminal Record Search Database :
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    Criminal Record Search Database :

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