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Who believes that the Mitchell Report is biased?

Mitchell is on the board of the Boston Red Sox....what a coincidence none of their players are listed and so many yankees and former yankees are HIGHLIGHTED. Shouldn't they have found someone not involved in major league baseball to hold an "outside" or "removed" inverstigation.

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    look the former met clubhouse attendant was the one that said the most names THATS why so many former mets nd yankees were named because the met clubhouse guy was based in Long Island nd the other guy was just clemens nd pettite. I hate people saying Mitchell is hiding Red Sox names (nd im a yankee fan nd red sox hatter) because most of them r former yankees. nd barely any Red Sox...the guy was a US Senator nd helped bring peace to Northern Ireland why would he risk his whole rep to save red sox players when they will one day be caught nd people whould know he covered it up...........If they caught a New England based supplier then they would find all of the red sox that did it

    however I do agree they shoulda found an outside person but George Mitchell is credible


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    First, Mitchell is not on the Red Sox board of directors. He is a consultant to the owners who has no voting rights, or any other rights pertaining to the organization or its operations. If you go through the names, you'll find more Mets listed than any other.

    Second, the primary individual to roll over on players is from New York, so it's only logical that those players will show up more often. Also, Clemens, Pettitte and Knoblauch show up because a personal trainer for them was tied to Radomski, who was the primary supplier for the New York area.

    Third, If anyone would take the time to read the report (and a few on here have), if there was one individual who comes across as a common tie to just about everyone listed, it's David Segui. Kind of like the six degrees of Kevin Bacon, you know. Much of the report can be traced back to his early involvement.

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    Bias has nothing to do with it. The reason there are so many Yankees or former Yankees on the list, think about it, is because the Yankees always tried to buy the championship by taking the other team's top talent.

    Giambi started taking steroids when he was with Oakland. Clemens when he was with Toronto. Chuck Knoublach, who cares.

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    I don't think that alot of yankees are listed is that big of a deal. But since there are no red sox players listed I can't believe this. I want more proof then this. And I agree that an outside investigation with no team bias should be held.

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    I heard that it cost twenty million dollars to do this investigation. Maybe they should investigate where this money went. I think it also shows that just because you took steroids it doesn't make you star. I doubt that baseball is the only sport using steroids and I don't think it is biased against any particular team. What can they do to players no longer involved in the game? Bring on spring training.

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    Yeah. The Mitchell Report is spending their whole time trying to "Favor" the Boston Red Sox. While they have a huge list and a show to prepare for. You make a lot of sense.

    Good Job!

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    in no way ideas what I mentioned until eventually now approximately Varitek and such because of the fact i do no longer think of this is actual that they are on it. The examine is probable a sprint biased, yet it is meant to be strictly expert. pink Sox gamers have been named.

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    Maybe its because they don't use steroids. This New England hater thing is getting old. Maybe there is something in the water here that causes all of our teams to be superior - the Pats, the Celts, the sox!

    By the way - it is easy to get 2 points when you people are basically all asking the same question.

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    Yes, I'm certain the Senator who has helped negotiate world peace accords will make sure to protect David Ortiz.

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    He mentioned that all teams at one time or another had players involved with steroids...

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