Help with tarot reading??

I had a tarot card reading done by a woman in my area yesterday but I would like to get a second opinion of what the cards meant.She did not seem very knowledgeable.

She did a celtic cross? reading. I wrote the cards down

and the order. Any help would be appreciated.

1-ace of pentacles

2-knight of pentacles



5-6 of cups

6-ace of cups

7-9 of cups

8-hanged man

9-9 of pentacles


I didn't ask a specific question, just what was in my future.

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    you may be coming into some money, maybe by way of inheritance. you need to be careful as you have a tendancy to be frivolus.the death card tells you that you have been hanging onto a relationship that isn`t good for you and you will have to let it go. kinda like lancing a boil,it may hurt for a minute, but look at it like a learning experiance and let it go. at the base of the matter is the fact that you have a chance for some acheivment and also to get back into thr good graces of your family,which you know in your heart is the right thing. the thing that has been holding you back is the relationship you are now in ,in more ways than one.perhaps there is someone you have met lately that can help you through this.if you follow your instincts and do what you need to do(DONT SECOND GUESS YOUR SELF) you will have your sucess. quit thinking your not worthy, and don`t keep crashing through life, you know ,leaping before you look. this means your lovelife too.

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    I would rather give you an overview without being tied to "this card means" type interpretation. Ideally, all cards taken together should form a progression, or story. That being said, this is overall a positive reading with cautions. Things in your world are changing and you have been ready for them to change for some time. Let go and go with the flow. Don't worry if you can't see the results "right now", its more of a "all in good time" thing. Who would blame you for wanting to recapture some of the sweetness that you have experienced in the past? The cycle is coming around again. Growth and abundance are represented by more than one card and, again, the caution is that you will leave old things(thought patterns, habits, ways of interpreting and valuing your life) behind for the changes to gel. The world is your oyster, so to speak. Contrary to what you may think of your final card, The Lovers, it really just reiterates the underlying theme if "choice". Choosing to move onto a new path, even if you can't see where it is going, is what will move you into the positive period ahead.

    I don't speak of absolutes or "your GF's name will start with a 'C'" sort of stuff because the cards don't say these things. They give you clues to the influences you are experiencing in your life. How they fit, or how they may be changed, is up to you.

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    Barnes and Nobel usually sells them, but the other answer was good about new age shops. Yes, they do come with a little booklet, but I suggest you also buy an actual book on the subject. Tarot reading is extensive, and a large study. It's been said that it can take a life time to sufficiently learn it. It's been a hobby of mine for a few years. Hope this helps

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    You are coming into some money you seem to have love on the mind, and you are being a bit too money or career oriented which is your obstacle. In the distant past there was a huge change which then lead to everything sorting itself out . You are going to need to let go of the past though and then you'll find true love if you can let go of the past. You will get what you want in the end (I'm guessing a person) but others see you as causing all the bother and problems yourself. You want to be ok with being on your own and to be able to stop worrying about love and money and the outcome is that you won't need to coz you will find love. I'm guessing you broke up with someone and thought it would be better now you miss them and you're lonely and you want a partner.

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    the thing with tarot cards is that they only create the mood for the reader's imagination at a certain time.

    you may get totally b.s. answers upon this order or very similar readings to the reading you've got yesterday with a completely new cards and positions.

    my guess:

    a certain current confusion (the fact that you had patience with a reading says it all, but the ace refers to spiritual explorations), clarifications, new beginnings - opposite to the your present affairs, another radical twist then peace.

    gee, i wonder, could i be more vague...

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    1 YOU—the Seeker -Ace of Pentacles

    You are the foundation for all kind of projects The Ace of Pentacles is the foundation for all kinds of projects in the real world—but hard work is the only thing that is going to produce results. The Ace of Pentacles is not the promise of long-lasting financial and material security that some might expect, but it is the sign that such things are within your reach. Keep your feet firmly planted in the Earth and let your common sense (and your intuition) guide you to success.

    2 –What’s being presented to you as a help or hindrance or both--Knight of Pentacles

    The Knight of Pentacles sees that everything he undertakes will meet with nothing but success. His energy manifests in three ways: as an event that you will experience, a person whom you will meet, or a part of yourself that needs to be developed and expressed. The Knight of Pentacles often shows a time when you will have to assume responsibility and take charge of a situation. You could be assigned a project or given a task to do, and you will have to devote some of your time to see that project end successfully. Perhaps the responsibility will not be due to a new project, but an old failure that you have to account for. The energy of the Knight of Pentacles is a welcome breath of duty and loyalty. When his energy is strong within you, never back down from responsibility and hold true to your word. Others will respect you if you give them reason to, and once they are your friends, never let them down and they will stay at your side through anything. Hard work produces the results you desire, if you are realistic in the pursuit of your goals. Leave nothing to chance, make plans and outline objectives. You have great potential for success if you stay firmly grounded.

    So, this energy is being presented to you. Seems like a help, rather than a hindrance. Do you accept? It’s your choice.

    3- Foundation/Basis of Issue—Death

    Whether you like it or not, Death is one of the most powerful cards in the Tarot. Humans naturally fear the unknown, and so Death is our greatest fear since it is the greatest unknown. The majority of us are unaware that our mind and spirit die all the time, constantly shedding old beliefs and acquiring new ones. It has been said many times by many readers: the Death card is not a card of death - it is a card of transformation. Every change happens for a reason, and Death is a force like Justice in that it is absolutely fair. So if big changes are happening in your life it is certainly plausible that you are the reason for them. There's no point fighting death, it only makes things worse. Like the Hanged Man, accept that change happens and let it do what it must. Big changes are heading your way. Usually this change refers to something in your lifestyle; an old attitude or perspective is no longer useful and you have to let go of it. While the Hanged Man was a card of voluntary sacrifice, the Death card is a forced sacrifice - but that does not mean that it is not for your own good. Sometimes you cannot see how your attitudes are hurting you, and when that is true, the Death card is your wake-up call. Death is not simply destruction; it is destruction followed by renewal. Even though one door may have closed, another is opening. Will you have the courage to step through? Are you ready for the changes that are happening in your life? If so, before you go forward, take a moment to look back. Is there anything that you are carrying with you that is no longer necessary? Let it go now, before you proceed. Are your old attitudes holding you back, or are high expectations constantly disappointing you? Cast them off, or let Death's watery energy wash them away from you. Open yourself and let it strip away all that you no longer need - fear, revenge, intolerance. Flowers cannot bloom if the land is full of weeds which choke the ground, and likewise, your spiritual enlightenment will be held back by doubt and fear. Let them go now or risk having them painfully ripped away when Death inevitably returns.

    4- Past Issues Affecting Current Situation --The World

    After every obstacle has been faced and surmounted, after every path has been traveled and charted, there remains only the last step to the next level of existence - the World, the final gateway. The World could be thought of as a time of rest, the time between death and life where the soul awaits reincarnation in the material world and - for the briefest of periods - becomes one with the universe from which it came. All the lessons learned have been put to use. All the tasks accomplished have born fruit and brought prosperity. Every cause has had its effects and all of the diverse threads of effects have been woven into a tapestry of your life as you have lived it. Now is a time to enjoy your wisdom, savor your prosperity and admire the personal artwork you have created, for soon you will start it all over again.

    So, you’re been through this before, and have been successful. Draw on the lessons and strengths from the past to help you deal with your present situation.

    5 What May Happen -6 of cups

    This card is the only one in the Tarot that refers explicitly to the past, and of memories and good times experienced there. After losses such as those on the Five we sometimes have to take a time out to heal, to look back on the past and all the good that lies there. And during such times it's never the right thing to focus on the negative, and that's why this card is so positive and full of light. The fallen cups are now full and upright again, but with blooming flowers that cannot be spilled or washed away. Now that you have looked back, maybe now the way will be clear to look forward. Often, people tell others to concentrate on the present and not get stuck in the past, but this counsel only applies when a person stops looking back at his past and starts dwelling on it, wishing he could change it and make things better. There is nothing wrong with looking back at the good times for inspiration when things aren't going so well. In the midst of change and crisis, looking back at what you have endured is often a good way to assure yourself that, whatever trials lay ahead, you will meet them and you will overcome them as you overcame others. Take a look at your emotional trophy case, then go out and win another cup! The Six of Cups almost radiates an aura of joy, because it represents the past with all its memories, the present with all its gifts, and the future with all its wondrous opportunities. It has ties to all kinds of pleasure, particularly sexual pleasure, but it can also refer to smaller, everyday pleasures. The Six of Cups can thus signal a gift given or received, or some other similar gesture. Since the Six of Cups has ties to sex, it follows that it is associated with fertility, childbirth and childhood. Children are a good role model to follow when this card's energy is about. They see the world as a completely perfect place, and their hearts are totally open to experience all the myriad pleasures of the world around them. When the Six of Cups suggests a path to follow, it tells you to open your heart to all the possibilities of life. Live in quiet harmony with those around you. Live in constant peace and joy. Live in the moment, remember the past, dream for the future.

    6-What Will Happen Based on your Present Course of Action--Ace of Cups

    Everything starts with love, so they say, and this is certainly true of the Cups suit. The Ace of Cups is the initial flow of emotion that could become a mighty river is given time and attention. It is the planted - but still dormant - seed of great love and affection in the future, the first stirrings of passion, joy and insight. Often, the Ace of Cups will predict the start of a relationship, one that is full of potential and may eventually lead to true love and happiness. But you must always remember that the Ace can show only potential, not the final result of a situation. If a relationship starts out well, it is up to the two people involved to keep it that way, and improve upon it in any possible manner. The Ace of Cups is not a guarantee of happiness, but a guarantee that you will have the chance to make happiness for yourself if you want to. This is a period where the Inner Voice will actively manifest in your life, and your hidden dreams and desires have a chance to be realized. As with the relationship issue, now is your time to pursue those ambitions if you so choose. In the best cases the Ace of Cups will represent a powerful spiritual awakening that you must accept and embrace. Allow the light of the Universe to touch you, and allow the power of love to flow out of your heart.

    So, it appears, based on your present course of action you will be developing a relationship. Sounds good! Remember, in the past things have worked out.

    7- Self Clarification--9 of cups

    One of the most positive and uplifting cards of the entire deck, the Nine of Cups shows satisfaction on all levels - emotional, physical, sensual. As it is a Cups card, the Nine of Cups usually refers to an emotionally fulfilling situation, such as the strengthening of a romantic bond, the solidification of a friendship or the consummation of a sexual relationship. It shows that joy and happiness are certainly within your grasp, and that you probably already have them. It is a sign to enjoy the abundance of life for as long as it lasts. Feel each of your emotions as if you had never felt any of them before. Take some time to value every person you love - and all those who love you back. See the perfection all around you. On a more physical level, this card signals delight and pleasure, contentment with what you have and a steady foundation for the future. Your worries are all in the past, and you can look forward to a bright future. The Nine of Cups shows excellent health, though when badly dignified it can often point to an overabundance of physical pleasure that can lead to intoxication and illness. But this is really the only caution of the Nine of Cups: enjoy life and enjoy living but don't take it too far, because pleasure without regard to the consequences is rapidly lost.

    So, it appears that your new relationship will work out fine!

    8-Outside Influences--Hanged Man

    The Hanged Man carries out his quest without moving, at least in the physical sense. The true quest is seeking within, not without. This may be confusing at first, but only because the Hanged Man is the card of the paradox. The Hanged Man's mysteries are some of the oddest yet most enlightening the Tarot has to offer, and they cannot be learned by searching for lessons in the physical world - you must turn within. The lessons it offers are easy to understand but hard to accept when they apply to you. The most obvious answer to a problem may be the simplest, but it is rarely the best. To admit that you are afraid will give you the strength to conquer your fear. When you relinquish your desire for control, everything begins to work as it should. In a world in which you must run as fast as you can to stay where you are, the Hanged Man tells you to stop struggling - and you can move forward. Tell this to others and it seems obvious; try to do it yourself and it will become impossible. Why is this? Telling others that they have to hang from a tree is simple, but no one wants to hang himself. The Hanged Man, however, has hung himself, and see how much wisdom he has found! Despite his obviously uncomfortable position, he is often pictured as smiling, and with a golden halo around his head to show divine inspiration and power. He is totally vulnerable to the world, and in his vulnerability he has found strength. The sacrifice he has made is his own freedom and power in the physical world; in exchange, he is granted real freedom and power on the spiritual plane. He gives up his old ways of looking at things and is blessed with new eyes. And don't try to force anything to happen while the Hanged Man is about. By trying to force changes, you ensure that they never happen. Relax and let things happen instead of trying to interfere. Instead of fighting against the current, let it take you wherever it is flowing.

    So, your new love might need a little time to work things out…..but that’s OK. Give him space. . . he’ll figure things out and love you all the more.

    9- Where Your Emotions are Coming From --9 of Pentacles

    Nine is a number of perfection and completion; the Nine of Pentacles shows both of these, in both the material and spiritual realms. Though primarily a materialistic card, as all the Pentacles are, it does bear a spiritual side as well. A lifetime of work and refinement brings not only material rewards, but wisdom and satisfaction as well. Abundance in material wealth leads to abundance in emotion, and that leads eventually to abundance in spirit. You have a right to be proud of all you've accomplished, and others certainly should recognize your success. But if they do not, that is all right. The only judge of your success is you, and if you are pleased with yourself, that is all that matters. This is the lesson of the Nine of Pentacles: material success will help you build upon your own self-worth, and even if you lose all that physical wealth, your opinion of yourself can never be changed once it is established. It certainly can never be taken away from you. Enjoyment of your fortune does not depend on others, it depends on you! The Nine of Pentacles is really a balance between material accomplishment and spiritual wisdom; a combination of having wealth and taking pleasure from it. This balance implies that you cannot concentrate on having wealth - you must learn from it and use it to develop your self-worth. Such development leads inevitably to future rewards such as raises and promotions, which will raise your self-esteem again. This card often shows the necessity to take a good look at yourself and see just how wealthy you really are, in terms of both the material and spiritual treasures in your possession. Wishes for success may already have been granted.

    Cool. . . you really have your act together…..In other words, you are not a dysfunctional mess. Good for you.

    10-The Outcome—The Lovers

    The image of the two lovers holding hands or intertwined is a powerful symbol for the harmonious union of two beings, but it also stands for the necessity of proper choice, and some interesting concepts about the relationship of our conscious minds to whatever power brings these lovers together.

    The Lovers is predominantly a card of the emotions, and it often portrays love that is divinely blessed, either by Cupid, an angel, or by God Himself. This seems to imply that nothing but good can come of this union, though with such a dualistic card there is always the potential for a sad conclusion, despite the best of beginnings. After all, love is like a flame because it can ignite the blaze of passion, but also because it can consume and destroy if used carelessly. Love is a wonderful thing, but profane or unrequited love has the power to tear families and lives apart. The Lovers has within it the potential for such love and we must always be cautious of it.

    Air is the element which rules the Lovers, and we should therefore expect the majority of its meanings to be associated with the spirit and the mind. The notion of choice between positive and negative is first depicted on this card with the old symbology of a man deciding between two lovers. Such a moral crossroads is often shown by the Lovers card, which now tells us to consider all consequences before acting. The situation could be as simple as a fork in the road with two paths to choose between, or a much more complicated decision by which all of our strongest beliefs and ideals will be tested. In times of such difficult choice we clearly need high guidance. Often, the Lovers will refer to a relationship when it appears in a reading, and when it does, that relationship will be a perfect expression of the love between two people. This will almost always be a sexual relationship, though not necessarily. Love is a flame that must not be left unattended; it must be fueled and allowed to burn for as long and as brightly as possible. Trust the counsel of your Inner Voice, and once you have made your decision, do not rescind it no matter how much opposition you face.

    So, things are working out. I’m happy for you both.

    Source(s): experienced reader
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