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What do you think of Mike Richard's contract extension with the Philadelphia Flyers?

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  • Siggy
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    1 decade ago
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    As a future captain in the making, they had to...even though the length of the contract is ludicrous (in the salary cap era).

    But yes, I am a fan of him and it was the right thing to do.

  • molder
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    4 years ago

    Atlanta grew to become into asking to lots for Kovalchuk. Homer had to grant away our destiny for somebody who's touch expires on the top of the season and taking that cap hit until ultimately than? No disrespect to kovy yet he's not shown interior the playoffs the two and that i think of homer made the main appropriate determination no longer gifting away our destiny like JVR, Giroux, or some protects interior the phamtons. yet to respond to your question, Mike Richards is a great participant to have on your team. He and Carter nonetheless lead the team in factors, yet they are able to't do each and every thing themselves. Their finished team is suffering, it is not only Mike Richards. How approximately adult males like Briere, Gagne, or Hartnell? the place have they been at the instant? it somewhat is consumer-friendly to just to point palms on the captain, which isn't the case in any respect. enable's circulate Flyers :)

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    That was an incredibly smart move by the Philadelphia franchise. They have locked up a very good player that is more than a picture boy. He's responsible, but he's also got talent and skill. I see it as a great move for Mike Richards as well. Philadelphia seems to be a team that is destined to be going up with all the unexpected young secondary scoring they have and a pretty decent goalie in Martin Biron.

    I see a little of Steve Yzerman in Mike Richards, skill and priority-wise.

  • Elle
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    1 decade ago

    Mike Richards is a player that the Flyers needed to do everything in their power to keep. No doubt he's our next captain. Good move - it should be an exciting 12 years, haha.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No player is worth keeping 12 years unless he is a Mario Lemieux....which he doesn't even compare. I think the long run contacts tend to shoot the franchises in the foot. 5 years would have been sufficient.

  • 1 decade ago

    DMoney- I keep hearing people say this "crazy in the salary cap era" and I don't get the thought process on that. To me, it makes more sense with there being a salary cap, not less sense.

  • No more cracks about DiPietro's contract with the Islanders. Compared to this, D.P.'s is a bargain.

  • 1 decade ago

    it is a great move

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