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i called this girl "moody" in this IM. does it sound like she is? does it sound like shes pissed?

This is me on my sisters yahoo account, shes letting me ask a question. So do you think the girl is acting a little moody? Im starting to get pissed with her. She always ignores me when shes around her bff, but then she trys to talk to me when she has no one else to talk to. Rude or what??

She trys to be preppy, but shes really bad at it.

So here is our conversation

girl#1: hey

girl#1: whats up?

Me: yo

Me: nm

girl#1: oh

girl#1: i'm organizing my bookshelf by author =]

Me: o wow

girl#1: and listening to music too

girl#1: ha

Me: i organize mine by height

girl#1: yeah mine was like that

girl#1: but now i'm deciding to change it

girl#1: haha

Me: hm okay

Me: omg

Me: did u know that airfresheners are poisonis

girl#1: uhm

girl#1: ok

girl#1: random

girl#1: no i din't

Me: no i was reading the news

girl#1: well actually yeah i did

Me: *watching

Me: i know, don't u just love the randomness of lige

Me: *lifee

girl#1: uhm

girl#1: no not really

Me: really? u wanna wake up every morning with the same: thing happening everday??

well have fun w/ that

girl#1: well no

girl#1: ugh

girl#1: forget it

Me: ...

girl#1: u don't understand

Me: no go ahead. explain

Me: i me:an.. that airfreshner junk might have been random to u.. but it wasn't rlly that random 4 me: :p

girl#1: no

girl#1: it'll take to long

girl#1:just forget it

girl#1: you're not gonna make me: tell you

girl#1: cuz i don't want to

Me: lazy


girl#1: so don't even try cuz it's not gonna work

girl#1: besides

girl#1: i'm busy

Me: KAY, have fun organizeing then

girl#1: yup

Me: y is everyone saying yup

Me: im talking to tiffany and this other person

Me: and u all said yup at the same: time:

Me: haha.. another random mome:nt

girl#1: k

girl#1: w/e

Me: well sum1 is moody today

Me: jk


Ok , well I was thinking, if she was so busy, then y did she IM me in the first place?? Plz give me your thoughts on how I should handle this. Also give me your thoughts on if I was sounding stupid and immature like I probably did :P and thoughts on what u think about the moodynes of the girl.

Thxs to ma sis 4 letin me post this <33




Update 2:

WEll i am only 14.. and she is 13..

my sister is 17 who is letting me use this. but that doesnt matter :P

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    That conversation was really lame... You two have a lot of growing up to do.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, you sound like a sarcastic smart person, or at least you think you are. I find these response's rather amazing and I am quite astound with the "mere" chemistry between the electric lines. This astonishing tingle I get from this CROCK of bull literally makes me feel somewhat humbled some.

    Dammit, I am bored.

  • 1 decade ago

    She may be moody but I think she is looking for a friend and just does not know how to! Try to go the extra distance and see if she meets you half way! Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    who does that? I barely read books unless it's sheet music. Yet you're talking about organizing books and if airfresheners are poisonous?? I think she's a bit bored if anything

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  • 1 decade ago

    maybe you should ask her if everything is OK... there might be something wrong with her and she im'd you to try and talk but you ended up talking about random things and got on her she decided not to talk to you about her situation after all

  • Ken O
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    1 decade ago

    Never call a woman moody unless you want to get punched.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yeah, she sounds pretty pissed off. It's nothing. Don't try to talk to her about it. Just forget it happened.

  • 4 years ago

    wow I can imagine the sex talk with that man. umm I'll take the poo for $100 Alex, frogs come from satan

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i think u should talk 2 her bout it. she might have just had a bad day or she wasnt really mad at all!

  • 1 decade ago

    i have the same problem, cept in school. some girl keeps acting this way.

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