used cars warranty?

i am going to by a BMW from ebay, and i heard a lot about problems in the car causing owners lots of money.

my question is if there is some kind of extended warranty i can buy to cover my car so i dont have to worry about maintence??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    After you buy it, a lot of times manufactures will send you all kinds of papers trying to get you to extend your warranty. I do not know how they know that you have the vehicle now but they find out. It just depends on the milage and year of the car.

    I bought a truck from an individual guy that only had 49000 miles on it and dodge sent me warrent extensions for about 4 years trying to make me purchase. I even got a couple after the truck reached 100k, then they just quit sending them to me. But anyways if the car is kind of new and lower miles then yes they will find you to steal your money.

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