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Anyone think T. Silva, Machida or Evans should get the next shot at Rampage?

I do not think Forrest Griffin should get a shot for the simple fact that he only has a win over 1 top fighter. I say Thiago because he is undefeated and stopped Alexander, who had a ton of momentum going into the fight. Machida because he has a good record with wins over some good fighters. If he beats Suko at this next event I would think it would solidify that.

I only say Evans because he is undefeated, but after his performance against Bisping I would think he needs some work before he fights Rampage.

It just seems that the title shots are more of a popularity contest than anything. Now they are making another season of TUF to hype up another title shot.

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  • Judoka
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    Silva has a perfect record but has nt fought anyone big. Alexander is not big... He had 2 good KO's against b level fighters and almost lost on the ground in his previous fight and got owned by silva on the ground because he has no grappling skills.

    Machida also has a perfect record but has only one fight in the UFC and his wins over anyone big were quite a while ago. That an he isn't a popular fighter...

    Evans lost to Tito ( only got a draw due to the point being taken off Tito) He didn't do well against Bisping either he just got the decision there.

    Forest has beaten everyone except for Jardine who managed to get a good combination in. Forest always shows up to fight and every fight is exciting from start to finish even his decision wins are highlight reals. They need someone who is going to bring it to the champion and make him prove why he has the belt. forest will do that. The other guys have not been pushed to the limit yet.

    It is like the Huerta, Guida fight. Huerta was popular and people were calling for a title fight. But he hasn't fought anyone. So they put him in with Guida to prove he was worthy. Guida took Huerta to a place he has never been before and Huerta was lucky to stay alive in the first 2 rounds. Then his skill came through and he pulled off the choke. Now he will get his shot against the winner of Penn V Stevenson.

    I am curious why you didn't include Jardine since he beat both Forest and Liddell... I don't doubt his next fight will be one of the 3 you listed to gain his title shot.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If Machida beats Sokoudjou, he'll be ready for a shot after Forrest. Silva isn't ready. He hasn't had any impressive competition, and no Alexander isn't tough competition. Evans is nowhere near ready for a title shot.

    Realistically nobody is ready for a shot at Rampage. It was basically down to Jardine and Forrest, and neither really deserve it either. And yes Forrest got the shot because he would make for good TV. We all know that. Sorry, it's just part of the game.

    MikeTG: Tito and Wanderlei have fought before, and Tito won. Also, Sokodjou hasn't beaten anyone good? Ricardo Arona and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira aren't good!?

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  • Chance
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    1 decade ago

    Out of the three I would go with silva, he shut down alexander which was cool...

    Machida does not have a good record, he has a great record (BJ Penn, Rich Franklin,ect...)but I think the ufc thinks he is not very marketable since most casual fans still do not know who he is.

    Overall I do not have a problem with forrest getting a shot at rampage, should be a good brawl, plus TUF should be a hella funny season.

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  • MikeTG
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    1 decade ago

    Here's a list of people I'd rather see fight him:

    1. Tito (only reason he's above Wandy is they've never fought before)

    2. Wanderlei (yes we've seen this twice, but he was Pride's MW chapion since forever, before his Hendo fight, and really deserves it)

    3. Vitor Belfort (only reason he's not first is he is not currently in UFC)

    4. Babalu (the first person to submit Shogun; another interesting fight we've never seen, but not really a possibility)

    5. Shogun (He's #5 only because he gassed 5 minutes into his last fight and should beat someone in the UFC before he get's a shot)

    Honorable mentions:

    -Thiago Silva (from Chute Box, so he must be good, he just needs to fight someone in the top ten before he deserves a title shot)

    -Jeremy Horn (hasn't really beat anyone good recently, so he doesn't make the list)

    -Sakuraba (yes, I know he's not in the UFC, but if he could build a time machine, I'd love to see this rematch)

    -Soko (interesting fighter, but hasn't fought in UFC or beat anyone worth mentioning)

    As for Forrest Griffin, he lost decicively to Tito (people like to say Griffin won, but Tito landed way more strikes and got 2 takedowns) and Jardine. His big accomplishment is beating the shell of Shogun that showed up just to gass in thefirst round. Does he deserve a title shot? Arguably. Does he deserve to have the LHW title put on hold to coach TUF? No. Do I care about this fight? No.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If Machida beats Sokoudjou he should get the next shot as he will be 4-0 in the UFC all in 2007. It would also be interesting to see how he does against an aggressive and experienced fighter like Rampage.

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  • dolme
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    4 years ago

    If jackson wins it extremely is going to likely be him for specific, He replaced into the #a million contender earlier Machida replaced into however the UFC mandatory to have the identify combat quicker while Mir have been given harm so Machida have been given the combat. and now he's no longer struggling with for the identify because of the fact he desperate to to the suitable fighter. If Evans wins, it extremely is going to possibly be one extra combat to push him in to the identify image (the two vs forrest or somebody else)

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think all this talk about who is gonna get a title shot is a bunch of hog wash only because by the time Forrest vs Rampage happens it will be in June or July maybe even later and lots of things will change between now and then. So this fight we are talking about winner (of Forrest vs Rampage) vs. whomever could be 9 months or more away... making the already screwed up LHW division worse....

    really disappointing to me...

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  • Lucy
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    1 decade ago

    Forrest Griffin and Chuck Liddell were guests on Dennis Miller's sports show the other night, if anyone happened to watch it. Forrest said him and Rampage were going to fight, I think he said after the show was done.(TUF)

    As much as I like Forrest I just can't see him winning that one.

    The next season of TUF should be fun, both those guys are hilarious.

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