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Does debt management plan show on CRB check?

Ive got to have a enhanced CRB for work but recently started a Debt plan , which is not a IVA nor bankrupcy , will this show up on CRB or even iva's and bankruptcy??

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    hi! Yes a debt management program with a credit counseling agency does show up --your creditors will report that the account is closed and being handled by either a 3rd party or a credit counseling agency. However, it doesnt affect your score in anyway--see this at This is a great website--there is a section--Whats not in your score--you can see that it is listed as something that doesnt have an affect.

    Unless you did a settlement plan--these are bad news--they wait for your accounts to go to collections and then make deals with the collection company's. as i am sure you are aware--collections are bad news for your report and score. Sometimes they call themselves a debt management program but they are not--it is settlement

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    In general, when you enroll in a debt management plan, this WILL be noted on your credit report for the entire time that you are enrolled in the program. This is not the same as BK so it won't show that you've filed for BK....I don't know what IVA means....

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