Safe late-night gas station near STL airport?

Can anyone recommend a gas station is that open late at night or early morning (midnight to 4am) and is well-lit and safe near Lambert Airport? I will be taking a very early morning flight and coming back very late the next night, and I'm worried about what place is safe for a young woman to stop alone. Part of the problem is I don't even know what will be open at that hour. I can fill up at home the day before, but it's a long trip so I will definitely have to get gas in the St. Louis area to get back home. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Sorry, I should have been more specific about my direction. I will be headed west on I-70 towards Columbia. Thanks for the tips so far.

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    There is a QuikTrip very close to the St. Charles Rock Rd. exit which is VERY close the airport. I live in the area and I wouldn't stop at one any closer to the airport if its dark. When you are heading west on I-70, St. Charles Rock Rd is the second or third exit (the one right after Lindbergh). When you get to the top of the ramp you should be able to see it slightly down on your left. Hope this helps.

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    Depending upon the direction of your exit from the airport area. Quick Trips are an option. You should find several stations on Lindbergh just West of the Airport. If you are traveling West on 70 you could just drive a bit and go to St. Charles and fill up there. If you are heading East I would fill up before you depart the airport. There is a airport garage & lot on Natural Bridge & I-170 with a quick trip across from it. Not the best of neighborhoods, but you could put in a couple of gallons and be on your way.

    Really depends upon your direction of travel - if you like email & I will try to get you some options.


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    Quik Trips are well lit and they have a sub Police station at most of them. The closest QT to the airport I can think of is on St. Charles Rock Road. There are other gas stations around, but I think QT the safest and open late, not sure about the others.

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