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mitchell report is due process?--the court of public opinion will forever?

take on face value this report.And if i were a mlb player i'd have my lawyer ready.Also,the player assoc should come out not to defend anyone but to defend due process in america.Since when is this report a fact?--based on what ?--some based on a trainer who makes claims.--some based on shipments to addresses?--who's address who signed and when?--was it banned back then?--was it perscribed by a dr?--looks to me that i i were a lawyer i'd be salivating .--agree?

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    The Mitchell report is nothing more that statements from people and certain documentation the he has uncovered. I don't believe you will find that Mitchell is accusing anyone of anything, that will be left in the hands of MLB to pursue it as they see fit.

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    You are absolutely right. I've been saying all along that I don't trust politicians to be honest with me about anything and this report is supposed to be about after 2003, when the stuff was illegal, not in 1999. But because there are bigger names further back in time, Mitchell has seen fit to capture headlines for himself, ESPN, and the papers.


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