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I heard the mitchel list has leaked. Can I find a list on the web?

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  • J-Far
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    NEW YORK -- Newschannel 4's Jonathan Dienst has obtained the expected list of current and former major league players linked to steroids, according to George Mitchell's investigation.

    The list includes former MVP's Barry Bonds, Albert Pujols, Jason Giambi, Ken Caminitti and Albert Belle. The list contains two sets of brothers: Jose and Ozzie Canseco and Aaron and Bret Boone. Cy Young award winner Roger Clemens is also on the list.

    Brady Anderson

    Manny Alexander

    Rick Ankiel

    Jeff Bagwell

    Barry Bonds

    Aaron Boone

    Rafael Bettancourt

    Bret Boone

    Milton Bradley

    David Bell

    Dante Bichette

    Albert Belle

    Paul Byrd

    Wil Cordero

    Ken Caminiti

    Mike Cameron

    Ramon Castro

    Jose Canseco

    Ozzie Canseco

    Roger Clemens

    Paxton Crawford

    Wilson Delgado

    Lenny Dykstra

    Johnny Damon

    Carl Everett

    Kyle Farnsworth

    Ryan Franklin

    Troy Glaus

    Rich Garces

    Jason Grimsley

    Juan Gonzalez

    Eric Gagne

    Nomar Garciaparra

    Jason Giambi

    Jeremy Giambi

    Jose Guillen

    Jay Gibbons

    Juan Gonzalez

    Clay Hensley

    Jerry Hairston

    Felix Heredia, Jr.

    Darren Holmes

    Wally Joyner

    Darryl Kile

    Matt Lawton

    Raul Mondesi

    Mark McGwire

    Guillermo Mota

    Robert Machado

    Damian Moss

    Abraham Nunez

    Trot Nixon

    Jose Offerman

    Andy Pettitte

    Mark Prior

    Neifi Perez

    Rafael Palmiero

    Albert Pujols

    Brian Roberts

    Juan Rincon

    John Rocker

    Pudge Rodriguez

    Sammy Sosa

    Scott Sc hoenweiis

    David Segui

    Alex Sanchez

    Gary Sheffield

    Miguel Tejada

    Julian Tavarez

    Fernando Tatis

    Maurice Vaughn

    Jason Varitek

    Ismael Valdez

    Matt Williams

    Kerry Wood

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    j-far... what's your source? does not reflect the mitchell report - it's a list of those who have already admitted or been found to use steroids or hgh prior to the mitchell report.

    cnbc does not have a list.

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    Is any their any surprises here? I mean I went down that list....and every player I was able to agree with quickly, one common thread with them all is that they all have the same patterns, many of them had on/off field issues their careers, injuries, behavior, numbers dropped off quickly, left the game abrubtly, etc

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    Alexander and Vaughn act as counterevidence of steroids helping a player's performances and career.

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