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Muslims, does your version of the Koran recognize Jesus as the Messiah ...?

and say that He shall return to defeat the Anti-Christ and redeem the righteous; or does it say that He shall follow the Imam Mahdi, in a subservient position; or something else?

Please mention your sect of Islam in your Answer so that I know which one says what.

I’ve heard Muslims here say that, in Islam, there’s no intercession [need to go to God through Jesus]; while other Muslims have said that it is through the intercession of Mohammad, not Jesus, and yet others said that’s through Imam Mahdi!? Many Muslims said that Jesus is a “lesser Prophet” to Mohammad and to some, He was a servant of the Imam Mahdi, while some Muslims said that they adore and love Jesus as the Messiah!?

I have read the Koran, or rather; one version of it, where it supports the “love and adore Jesus” which I was told by some Muslims here was the Ahmediyya version, that they said was not even considered to be Muslim!?

Not being a Muslim, myself, how should I know? So, let’s hear the Truth from you Muslims!


Wa'alei'kum as sala'am, Kesar.

So, I am to understand that that to the Sunni, Jesus is not important, but Mohammad is the Main Prophet, am I right?

Shukran, aziz.

Ma sala'amah.

Update 2:

Wa alei'kum as sala'am, angel and RE.

I notice that the Sunnis didn't mention Imam Mahdi, which is what I found in the Koran I was reading, but said that Isa bin Maryum shall return and redeem the righteous, which, again, is what I see here in my copy of the Koran.

However, many Muslims here have said that it's Imam Mahdi who is the boss and Jesus is his servant, which I found shocking!

Let us see where the different ideas actually come from.

Shukran jazeelan, azizas.

Ma sala'amah.

Update 3:

Wa alei'kum as sala'am, Sara and Muzzamal.

I think I understand that Isa bin Maryum is no lesser Prophet as some Muslims said here and that intercession doesn't exist, in Islam, am I right?

Shukran jazeelan, azizay.

Ma sala'amah.

Update 4:

Sarah, I think that you and I are reading the same Book, aziza.

My copy doesn't mention any Imam Mahdi, either.

But, a lot of Muslims who've come here have said this, which is why I asked the question.

Shukran, aziza.

Ma sala'amah

Update 5:

Wa alei'kum as sala'am, aziz mtk.

Unfortunately the Imam Mahdi thing is not here in the Hadiths of Mohammad, either. In fact the reference to the Qiyamah is in the Hadith, not in al Koran, isn't it?

Shukran, aziz.

Ma sala'amah.

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    There is only one version of the Quran but there are many different interpretations.

    As God's messenger, Jesus explained, simplified, and demonstrated God's will and message, although the Jews did not believe in him. Jesus' "Good News" - the Gospel - is about God's love and forgiveness for all mankind. Muhammad's revelations, recorded in the Koran/Qur'an teach that:

    1. Jesus was sent by Allah, who supported him with the Holy Spirit, to tell the world Allah's will (2: 87; 5: 110-117*).

    2. Allah gave to the world Jesus, exalted him above all others, and supported him with the Holy Spirit as proof of his sovereignty (2: 253*).

    3. Allah caused the miracle birth of John the Baptist to the aged Zechariah and his barren wife so John could be the messenger to announce Jesus as the Messiah (3: 33-41*).

    4. Allah appointed Mary to be the virgin mother of Jesus, the Messiah (3:42-45; 19:12-22; 21:90*).

    5. Jesus would be righteous [sinless] all his life (3:46; 6:86; 19:19*).

    6. Jesus would be raised from the dead (19: 33,34*).

    7. Jesus, Messiah and son of Mary, crucified, appeared dead and was taken up by Allah himself (4:157,158; 3:55*). He did not "appear to be alive" because he was dead. Crucifixion was the Roman method of execution similar to hanging. No one survived being crucified. See # 6. above.

    8. Jesus was a messenger of Allah, who is to be believed (4:171*).

    9. Allah taught Jesus his religion and commanded Jesus to establish it (42:13; 43:63*).

    10. Allah caused Jesus, son of Mary, to follow [the prophets], gave him the Gospel, and placed compassion and mercy in the hearts of those who followed him (57:27*).

    11. Allah strengthened the group of Jews who believed Jesus and his message, so they overcame those who disbelieved (61:14*).

    12. The true message of Jesus and the prophets was perverted by religious leaders who were condemned by Allah (9:31*).

    13. Long before the Prophet Muhammad, Allah revealed the Torah and the Gospel for mankind's guidance (3:3, 4, 48, 65*).

    14. Allah taught Jesus the Scripture and wisdom, and the Torah and the Gospel. Allah would do miracles through Jesus and make him a messenger to Israel (3:48, 49*).

    15. Allah gathered Jesus and caused him to be resurrected and ascended to Allah himself (3:55; 4: 158*).

    16. Allah bestowed the Gospel on Jesus to be a light (5: 46*).

    17. Observing the Torah and the Gospel brings nourishment from above (5:66*).

    18. Those who went astray from Allah's commands were cursed by both David and Jesus (5:78*).

    19. Allah inspired Jesus' Disciples to believe in Jesus and his message (5:110*).

    20. Jesus and his Disciples were Allah's helpers (61:6,14*).

    21. Believe in all that was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the tribes, and that which Moses and Jesus received (2:136*).

    22. The Surrender, al-Islam, is Islam and Muslims are to be surrendered to Allah's will and guidance (3:19*), as had been revealed to Abraham by God and explained by Jesus. (See:


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    Thanks for asking. There is only one version of the Quran. Yes he is called the messiah Jesus son of Mary in the Quran. Yes he will return to earth and defeat the anti-christ. He will lead all muslims and christians who become muslims when they recognize him. The Mahdi is a great leader that will appear before Jesus, but his status is not that of a prophet like Jesus. The intercession in Islam is on the day of judgment and how it happens is that prophet Muhammad asks God for forgiveness to muslims. God will consider prophet Muhammad request when he makes his judgment. I don't know if this can be called intercession. Jesus and Muhammad are prophets and are only servants to God. We love them both and we are asked in the Quran not to differentiate among prophets. Prophet Muhammad has higher status than other prophets due to him being the last messenger of God who completed the religion that God intended to last on earth till judgment day.

    Information about Mahdi are not in the Quran but in Hadith of prophet Muhammad PBUH. Hadith sources are different between different sects in Islam.


    Just to clarify, Jesus status is higher than Mahdi. There are so many hadiths from muhammad PBUH that talk about Mahdi and Qiyama.

    Source(s): Sunni Muslim.
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    There is only one version of the Quran. There are several translations of the meaning but they are very close in wording.

    Jesus (pbuh) is a prophet. He is not dead nor did he ever die yet. He will return to earth to defeat the 'anti-Christ' as you call him and he will also set straight who and what he is, a prophet. There is no intercession by anyone for anyone. In English you could use the word messiah in reference to how Jesus (pbuh) is viewed in Islam.

    I wouldn't say 'lesser prophet'. We believe Jesus (pbuh) was sent to the Jews to set straight the changes they had made to the laws of Allah (swt). We believe the message that was revealed to Muhammad (pbuh) was for all mankind for the rest of time.

    As far as Jesus (pbuh) in the Quran. He is mentioned more in the Quran than any other prophet including Muhammad (pbuh). One is not Muslim if they don't love Jesus (pbuh) and all the prophets (pbut).

    I am of no sect. I am Muslim.

    EDIT: the term 'imam mahdi' is not used in the Quran at all....what book are you reading?

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    first there is only 1 version of the quran. unlike the bibel which has hundreds of versions. jesus is as loved a prophet as mohammed we respect them equally. jesus will come back at the end of time. same as the bible says. the quran i dont believe states all the stories of the mehdi. but what i have been told is jesus will burn the cross, kill all pork, marry , have children,live here for 30 or so years and raise up the nation of islam so there is no other choice but to be muslim. but that is what other muslims have told me i am a new muslim i was christian all my life. he and the mehdi will pray together and lead all to the truth of islam. .. but you have to check this somewhere like an imam because so many tell different things. but the quran that i know of doesnt speak of these details.

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    Intercession does not exist in Islam! Not to my knowledge anyway. I am a moderate Muslim and I still have much to learn but as far as I know, Muhammad is Allah's Messenger sent for all of humanity. God is god and Muhammad is not god. He is our beloved Prophet p.b.u.h.

    I am a Sunni from the Shafi'i madhab. :)

    And the Al-Quran is the book of truth, hence, there is only one which holds all the truth. Learn Arabic, read the real deal (and not the crappily and stupidly translated ones) and you judge for yourself.

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    Salam brother

    Im a Sunni Muslim, I don't know what version of the Koran are you reading but I don't recall anything about adoring Jesus, Muslims believe that Allah is God and Mohamed his main Prophet, and don't asociate Allah with any deity cause he is one.

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    Call to mind the day when We shall summon every people with their Leader. Then whoso shall be given his Book in his right hand - such will read their book eagerly and they will not be wronged a whit.

    And all great leaders shall humble themselves before the Living, Self-Subsisting and All-Sustaining God. And He indeed is undone who bears the burden of iniquity.

    He will say, 'Enter ye into the Fire among the nations of jinn and men who passed away before you.' Everytime a nation enters, it shall curse its sister nation until, when they have all successively arrived therein, the last of them will say with regard to the first of them, 'Our Lord, these lead us astray, so give them a double punishment of the Fire.' He will say, 'For each there is double punishment, but you do not know.'

    On that day intercession shall not avail save the intercession of him whom the Gracious God grants permission and with whose word of faith He is pleased.

    Say, 'All intercession rests with Allah. To Him belongs the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth. And to Him, then, shall you be brought back.'

    Source(s): Holy Quran In a tradition upon whose authenticity all Muslims agree, the Holy Prophet has said: "Even if the entire duration of the world's existence has already been exhausted and only one day is left before Doomsday (Day of judgment), Allah will expand that day to such a length of time, as to accommodate the kingdom of a person out of my Ahlul-Bayt who will be called by my name. He will then fill out the earth with peace and justice as it will have been full of injustice and tyranny before then." Sunni Reference: Sahih Tirmidhi, V2, P86, V9, P74-75 (There are many more.) The context of the above precious tradition informs the golden divine promises will take place, sooner or later, one way or another, as mentioned in most of the Shi'ite and Sunnit sources.
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    Let it be known that for centuries up to the present day, the Sunni Muslims of the four legal schools of Shafii, Maliki, Hanbali and Hanafi are the mainstay and majority of the Muslim world. More importantly, the Sunnis hold the creed of Ash'ari and Maturidi.

    The Wahabbis, Salafis, Shiites and Ahmadiyya are all minorities and do not share all the creeds and beliefs of the Sunni. In fact, the belief system of the Ahmadiyya who said that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed the paid man of the English colonial is a Prophet, Imam Mahdi and Jesus Christ all rolled into one is blasphemous and scholars of all other Muslim sects deem them as non-Muslim for the blasphemy of contending the fact that there is another Prophet after the Holy Messenger Muhammad saaw.

    For Sunnis and most other Muslims, Jesus Christ is the Messiah for the Israelis that's for sure. This title is confirmed given by Allah to Jesus as stated in all the various verses in the Quran calling him Isa al-Masih son of Maryam (Jesus the Messiah son of Mary).

    He is the last messenger sent to the Israelis, and between him and Muhammad the span is about 600 years with no prophet between the two.

    Sunnis hold that while Muslims can ask Allah direct, Muhammad plays an important if not vital role as the Arch Intercessor. In the Hadith literature, it is well documented and trusted that in Judgement Day, Muhammad pbuh will be the intercessor for Muslims. That privilege is granted to him by Allah due to him holding the highest station/position to Allah what we call Maqam al-Mahmud.

    Now, Muhammad is the intercessor also even from the beginning of creations. Such that Sunni Muslims quote the hadith that when Adam sinned and thrown out of paradise, he begged Allah for forgiveness by invoking Muhammad's name.

    When asked how he knew about Muhammad who is yet to be born, Adam said that after he was created, he looked up to Allah's Throne and saw the affirmation "There is not Deity worthy of worship but Allah Muhammad is Allah's Messenger". So Adam figured that Muhammad must be a great somebody whom Allah has raised high putting his name next to His.

    Thus one's 5 daily prayer (solah) is invalid/rejected if one doesn't ask Allah to send peace and blessings to Muhammad and his family. This shows the importance of invoking Muhammad's name even as the prayer is directed and presented to Allah.

    It is the Wahabbis and Salafees who try to diminish the important role and station of the Holy Prophet, citing ridiculously that by praising him and attributing such beliefs, Muslims will end like Christians who worship Christ.


    During (or after?) the great WW3 Imam Mahdi will appear and fight the Anti-Christ. This is prior to Christ's coming.

    Christ will descend at Damascus when the Muslims were about to do their dawn prayers. Imam Mahdi will ask Christ to lead the prayer, but Christ declined and so Imam Mahdi will be the leader in the prayer.

    When Anti-Christ sees Jesus, he will melt like "salt in water".

    Muslims adore all the prophets and messengers, the 5 great ones are called Ulul Azmi, ie Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus and Muhammad due to their ministry.

    Check the follwoing trusted Sunni links for details/

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    alsalamo alikom

    apparently you have some wrong ideas about the Islam and i do not blame you and thanks for not judging us according to what you hear and for your seeking true information

    as for Jesus he is the prophet of Allah and his servant just like Mohammad he is not servant for any one but Allah and yes we believe that he shall return to defeat the Anti-Christ and redeem the righteous.

    we do not need to go to God through any one ,prophets show us the right way to follow.

    and yes we adore Jesus for he is the prophet of Allah and i have read about him so i also love him for his kindness.

    Source(s): i am a sunni muslim girl edit why are you saying that we love Jesus sooooooo much and he is not a minor prophet but may be my brother above me could not express it well edit actually there are some translations of the Koran that you should not read because they are different from the original text which is in Arabic i believe that this is agood translation of the Koran and by the way there is no mentioning of el Mahdi in the Koran but we get information about it from el suna and some Muslims do not believe in him becouse the only trusted reference is the Koran then comes the sayings of prophet Mohammad
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    there is only one versin of the Qur'an.

    And Jesus is infact a messenger.

    and may i add that Islam does not teach bad evil stuff at all.

    and cannot attempt to either.

    Source(s): remember these fundamentalists used to be christians a couple of hunderd years ago
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