What is your opinion on traditional gender roles?

Also, with which (if any) religion do you identify, and how (if at all) does this influence your views on gender roles?

I think I asked this on my old account (RIP) but I don't remember.

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    For me, I think I lean more towards traditional gender roles - meaning that is what I want for ME - If I had it my way for MY life (not every other woman's but my life) I'd be a married, stay at home (but busy with things that are important and fulfilling to me) Mom who focused mainly on family, hearth and home.

    AT THE SAME TIME: I am a huge admirer of women who are not traditionalists, who have paved the road into so many varied areas that used to be "men only" - because I want my daughter to have the opportunity to persue whatever it is that will fulfill her in life - and you know what, that may not be being a full time wife or mother. Maybe she'll want to be a photo journalist in a far away country and travel and never be tied down. Maybe she'll want to be an artist and work with welding to create big metal sculptures. Maybe she'll want to be a stock broker on Wall Street. Who knows?

    I have a sister who is a lesbian and has a wonderful committed relationship - long term as in years and years - and is a pretty big corporate success, her partner is practically considered an expert in the world of Forrestry. I have nothing but love for both of them - and neither fit the traditional female gender role for women by a long shot - but both are indeed beautiful women and wonderful people.

    So while I want the traditional role for myself, I recognize the value in and the importance of non-traditional roles.

    As for men, I know a man who single handedly has raised his two children (one a boy, one a girl) for years - their mother was a drug addict and after many failed attempts at rehab with the support of her husband, she ultimately gave herself over to drugs and alcohol and left her family. He is the best example of a "Mr. Mom" I've ever seen. This is a non-traditional role - as he is more than a hands on Dad, he's the only parent and does it with grace and style.

    I see value and importance in both traditional and non-traditional roles.

    I am a Christian.

    EDIT: Re: Nashgirl's answer - I was married, divorced, and have been a single parent for my daughters entire life (divorce was final just before her birth). I do not get child support, I work full time, zero govt. assistance. While it's not always easy and in fact sometimes exceedingly hard - I would never say that I am miserable. I am still a good Mom - being a Mom is my first priority. My daughter is well balanced, moreso than MOST of the other kids I know who have a two parent home. I've even had other couples ask me "How is it that she's so wonderful. Your daughter is so happy, she's a pleasure to be around, she's respectful to other adults AND kids, and she seems to truly respect and love you." Miserable doesn't even begin to factor into my life or that of my child. We are happy. We have our priorities straight. Would it be easier with a man? HECK YEAH - especially if he was not allergic to work and did more than sit on the couch and watch football (which I'm sure many do) - I'm just saying that just because someone is a single parent, does not mean their children will not be well balanced and happy, nor does it mean the parent will be miserable.

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    I personally embrace traditional gender roles as far as sexual expression, clothing, physical appearance, etc. However, I don't think women ought to be deferential to men, so I'm not that traditional.

    But my opinion is my own and I would never judge anyone for having a different view or lifestyle than mine. And I would certainly never seek to legislate my opinion by calling it "morality" or "family values".

    I'm an atheist and I don't think that has much if any bearing on how I define gender roles.

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    Oh...it's wierd for me. Being raised catholic, I tend to have a lot of traditional views on gender roles. However, I was also raised by a bunch of women's libbers (my mom and her three sisters) and didn't have a father figure until I was 5...

    With that being said, I struggled a lot with my wife when we first met because her gender role opinion was FAR more traditional than mine.

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    I think the concept of gender roles is a difficult to avoid indoctrinating children with. No matter what the parents do, I feel like our society tells little boys and girls that they're supposed to be a certain way. (e.g. Their friends, teachers, and most of their role-models frequently behave according to "standard" gender roles)

    Personally, I think we should accept those who (especially at a young age) do not identify with their gender role, and encourage them to seek their own identity.

    Religion doesn't factor into my decision.

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    They really don't work in the current world. Most families are dual income, and need to be. There are planty of "non-traditional" family structures. Divorce is common.

    And I don't want to be a housewife. I don't cook all that well. I'm not all that interested in children. I like my job. And I don't think that I would defer to my husband in all important decisions, when I get married. (I want to be a partner, not a barbie-doll.)

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    I am a male atheist feminist. And I think many people here are quite familiar with my views on sex and gender.

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    I don't know you.

    I think it's outdated, just like how Fiona isn't a weak and helpless princess and Shrek isn't a charming blond prince on white steed — shift happens.

    Religions are sexist.

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    Douglas Adams made some comments that might apply:


    Youtube thumbnail


    It will take about eight minutes, but I think it be worth a look.

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    Would you send a pregnant woman into war?

    Could you stop the war if she got pregnant?

    Some things just make sense and shouldn't be a argument.

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    They are outdated. Role definitions change as society changes.

    No religion.

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