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Leaving a child in the car? my 2 year old was sick today and had to be kept home from daycare. I had parked infront of the glass doors in front of my 1 year olds daycare. Because everytime I bring my 2 year old to my 1 year olds daycare I get lectured and yelled at because they dont want my 2 year old touching anything at all I decided to leave him in the car today. I droped my 1 year old off which took maybe 2 minutes and the woman at the front desk had warned me that a woman who worked for the deputy sherriff had saw my son in the car and threatend to call the police if she ever saw me leave my son in the car again and that she had taken down my license plate number. My question my situation was this wrong and does anyone know what the laws for florida are for leaving kids in a vehicle? I honestly dont think I have done anything wrong...people leave their kids in the car when they pay for gas and that seems to be ok...i dont think its any different that what I did. And its not like i do it often


I want to add that this is not something that I ever do...second...i am looking for the opinion of parents because they are more understandable of the situation. falonious many times have you left your child unattended in a vehicle if you have kids at all? Everyone has done it once or twice and no one can lie...this just happend to be an especially rare occasion I had to do this...and it was kindercare just so everyone knows and it is supposedly the best place...and the reason y theyre in different places is because i have no it is not "dumb" i dont have a choice bc i am poor.

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    Look at Florida Motor Vehicles Code Section 316.6135. Many states have laws like this one, often a bit more stringent.

    "No parent, legal guardian, or other person responsible for a child younger than 6 years of age shall leave such child unattended or unsupervised in a motor vehicle for a period in excess of 15 minutes; however, no such person shall leave a child unattended for any period of time if the motor of the vehicle is running or the health of the child is in danger."

    It's that last clause, "or the health of the child is in danger" that throws the 15 minute rule out the window. The risk is open to interpretation by the officer involved. If you actually went inside a building, I would see risk. It takes seconds to kidnap a child, and kidnapping jeopardizes a child's health.

    There is no situation in which I leave my child in my car, unless I'm standing within 10 feet of the vehicle, within eyesight and earshot.

    If you don't consider leaving your child in the car to be risky, then don't do it because other people will and then you have a legal and financial headache (fines, plus repairing whatever damage the officer did to gain access to your vehicle, not to mention possibly having your child taken by the Department of Children and Family Services).

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    The way you have discribed it does not sound like a problem, as long as it was truely for less than 5 minutes and the weather was not hot and the windows were cracked and the doors locked and well every precaution was taken.

    However, I'd leave this to a very rare occasion, and never in the summer. This woman reacted strongly because so many children have died from being left in the car and forgotten....and usually the parents say it was just supposed to be for a minute...

    Personally I'd reason with the daycare facility to bring in your 2 year old while dropping off your 1 year old, even though he

    wasnt going to stay.. who cares if they fuss a bit.

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    I had a lady who had twins and would leave them in the car to go take the older girl into the school. Both before school and after school. Everyone is different.

    Can I ask if one is sick, why don't you just keep the other home and avoid the whole drama and situation?

    I don't understand the differentiation. My sister leaves all 3 kids in the car running with a movie on while she goes to the chiropractor. Just think would you feel if you came back and the child and your car were gone?

    keep the kid home when the other is sick and if you don't like the daycare, watch them yourself.

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    Leaving your child in the car alone at any time is not right. But why don't you consider taking your 1 year old to another day care? What kind of day care center gets mad because a 2 year old touches things? Even if he was sick, they are the most germ infested places anyhow. It doesn't sound like they are well tuned into children and that is a sad comment for this day care center.

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    I would have said something to the people. They are a daycare so they should understand that a 2 year old will touch stuff. And they also know that they can use lysol on things he touches if they are so worried about his sick germs on it. Picky people. But yeah alot of states don't let you leave kids unattended in the car.

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    You should never, ever, leave your two-year-old in the car unless you are right there. It's okay when you get gas so long as you don't have to go into the store, because you are right there, within eyeshot of your child. If you leave, your car could be STOLEN with your kid inside. Or you might get distracted or be detained and your kid could die from heatstroke. This has happened to plenty of people. Don't let it happen to you.

    ETA: I am a mother, and no, I have never left my child alone in a car unless I was right outside of the car watching the car. And yes, it is neglect, and it absolutely could result in you losing your child.

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    Personally I'd have turned around to the woman on front desk and said that if their staff had not beenunreasonably and complained if a 2yr old "touched things" which is natural at that age, that what option do you have ?

    However, leaving a 2yr old unattended in a vehicle for ANY length of time is a serious issue in most places now . . . and seriously dealt with

    Next time, take kid with you and if they moan, tell them to talk to the front desk !

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    never never never. I never depart my 2 a million/2 3 hundred and sixty 5 days previous in the automobile for any reason. whether i'm getting out to place a action picture in the drop field 3 steps from the automobile he gets out with me. too plenty can take place. what's some psycho ran to the automobile in the 2d i replaced into no longer looking, jumped at the back of the wheel and took off with my infant. never! i do no longer take my eyes off of him for even a 2d. i in simple terms can't fathom how human beings "forget" their little ones are in the automobile. maximum toddlers are something yet quiet in the automobile and that i understand that I particularly have a habit of looking in the lower back seat as i walk removed from the automobile whether i understand he's no longer there. human beings like that would desire to no longer be allowed to reproduce.

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    I've never left my child in the car. You can pay at the pump you know and banks have drive thru ATM's. I agree that you should NEVER leave a child unattended....sick or not. You just didn't want to bother to take him in and out of the car and carry him. Be honest with yourself and take responsibility for your actions. You are affecting another's life......your child's!

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    There is no excuse for leaving

    a 2 year old in a car alone.

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