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Does anyone notice how the 'Deniers' have gotten more ridiculous in their rants on how AGW is a hoax or scam?

"Ominous Artic melting worries experts" A.P.News on Yahoo today.

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    It's a good thing this site is not very representative of the real world out there...

    However, the representatives of the nothing is wrong, everything is OK side, and let's not forget the loooooooooooooooooooooooong rant on I will do whatever the hell I want to do screw you guy... do represent a part of this country that projects to the rest of the world a false consensus.

    We don't have to live in mud huts, walk and eat grass. We just have to make better choices in the little things we do each day. There is electric car technology out there right now that propels a vehicle 0 to 60 in like 2.3 seconds... I want one! But because that's green technology, some moron's won't consider it, too bad for them.

    Those of us with a higher level of conscienceness and a more accurate world view must press on as we have always done. We must continue to lead by example. Sooner or later the slow learners will catch on, and deny they were ever on the other side, if for no other reason than their dwindling pocket books being drained by supporting a doomed economic system they refuse to acknowledge is killing them along with everyone else.

    From a spiritual sense of intuition, I know I am not alone in feeling the warmth and security in my soul that the Green Revolution is the right solution for our time. It is not moving backwards, but has the potential to move mankind forward based on knowledge and wisdom from the failures and successes from our past experience.

    As American's we need to come together on this issue and persue the obvious path to make the world a better place for the seventh generation beyond this horizon...

    As I talk with skeptics face to face, I recognize we are closer together on many issues than a silly little place like this can show with people hidding behind anonmimity and projecting some false alter ego...

    I have walked into the lions den of being an environmentist with new ideas to help the construction industry build better homes. It started right here in Colorado and it is called Built Green and has become Internationaly recognized as a building standard. Why? Because it improves the quality of life for everyone... reduces Natural Resource consumption, reduces energy consumption, reduces toxicity in our homes, increases the longevity of a structure, recycles materials that would overflow land fills and makes people feel better about them selves because they are doing something good for themselves those around them and the planet.

    The time has come to wage peace among our fellow human beings and this planet. There is a positive vision of the future that we all must create together, and move beyond the petty little differences that a message board like this displays.

    I pray each day we can become the great nation we have demonstrated to the world to be in the past, we have such so much potential for good... but if we continue to allow ourselves to be divided on the little things, the really big issues we should be confronting will smash us like a bug on your wind shield.

    The sacred hoop of this nation is broken. It can only be fixed by waging peace not war.

    Would you stab me in the back because I speak truth to power or will you stand shoulder to shoulder with me and many other to do the right thing?

    I have wasted too much time doing this message board crap. I will fight this way no more. This is not a victory for those that throw words like spears... please continue your rants and hawking sites like this. I will be helping to build the future to save the planet while you eat your own words.

    Fight on in this battle field; Bob & Dana and the rest of you. Know that you represent the best in us, and your opponents will fall like dead leaves from a dying tree.


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    certainly, it began interior the 1800's whilst the 1st scientist took CO2 in ninety 5% humidity and suggested that as a results of business revolution, guy replaced into inflicting a heat up interior our surroundings when you consider that he did not understand that we've been exiting a mini ice age. additionally, utilising a organic going on climate phenomena as info of synthetic climate replace is faulty at a good number of tiers. ultimately, how with reference to the USA EPA desirous to place tighter controls on smog whilst at the instant a million/2 of the rustic would not meet present tiers? Sounds greater like administration for administration sake then something.

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    This is nothing new...

    But actually I will even be less polite and say that SOME COUNTRIES HAVE A REAL CULTURE OF CONSPIRACY THEORIES...

    There are countries where people believe they can become an expert on a given topic by watching youtube movies while being barely able to do simple math.

    I enjoy so much more discussing with Indian and Chinese scientists and there are a lot. Most of them are highly educated and care for the world, not only for their own country.


    Feel free to give me thumbs down if you need to pass your anger and frustrations. Have a nice day anyway.

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    Yes, they're running out of valid points as the scientific data continues to pour in. For a while they were all saying that Svensmark's cosmic ray theory would disprove anthropogenic global warming, but further research has exposed the flaws in this theory.;_ylt=Ahuxf...

    Now generally their explanations consist of "it's the sun/natural cycle!". Of course, they can't explain the source of this magical natural cycle;_ylt=Ar5f3...

    and they can't explain how the sun is causing global warming as its output remains unchanged;_ylt=Aquwe...;_ylt=Ahj_9...

    With little scientific data to support their positions, more and more they engage in conspiracy theory rants.;_ylt=AsmVL...

    Moreover, they try to gain credibility through bizarre methods on Yahoo Answers. For example, they give strong scientific answers dozens of thumbs-down for no good reason, or they cheat the voting system to become top contributors, and give themselves pretend doctoral degrees.

    In the face of a complete lack of scientific credibility, they think they can cheat the system to create a perceived credibility. Their numbers are dwindling, and the deniers are getting desperate.

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    Get real, walk, live in a mud hut, east grass if you want, but I'll never give up my car, tv, or heated pool. And you know what? you or gore, cant make me.

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    Kyoto does nothing but accomplish what the Soviet Union couldn't. The destruction of free enterprise and redistribution of wealth.

    Oh, I believe the Earth is getting warmer, but I do not believe it is caused by man. The earth goes through cycles of warming and cooling. We happen to be in a warming cycle.

    There was a little thing called the Climactic Optimum during hte middle ages where the temps were actually warmer than they are now. No SUVs, no cars, no trains, boats, or planes. Less people too.

    Global warming is a reason to redistribute wealth and give more power to the UN. No thank you.

    Sacred hoops, and peace, and Green Revolutions? WTF are you talking about?

    As for electric cars, where they hell do you get the electricity from? Idiots.

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    The so-called "skeptics" have to get more silly, because they're running out of things to say to delay action on the issue.

    It's a mirror image of when the tobacco industry tried to tell us that smoking was OK. In fact, the same people are critical to their disinformation campaign:

    Source(s): Anti-global heating claims - a reasonably thorough debunking
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    If the ice is melting now, I would be worried as well, since the current temperatures in the Arctic are now -60 degrees.

    Even NASA is saying that the ice melting is just a normal natural cycle and not caused by man.

    Nice try though. With a little more practice you should be able to graduate from "swift boating" 101

    [Edit] November 13, 2007 is a 10 year old study? Wow! No wonder why people believe global warming is real. It's just blind faith and rejection of reality that makes "global warming" happen.

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    Don't worry about it, people who are more evolved can accept a new way of thinking easier than someone who is scared of everything new. Not too many republican daredevils, ya know?

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