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my little puppy doesn't eat too much?

my golden retriver puppy doesn't eat dry food much and he's getting anybody have any idiea about what kind or what brand is good for puppy and make him eat much more. Now I feed him with Nuture recipes puppy dry food! Thank you so much


My Puppy is about 9 months old. Thank you so much everyone. I apprecited all the answer. I will take him to the vet soon..

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    How old is he? Is he old enough to eat dry food? If he is, you need to get him to a vet and let them know he's not eating very much (tell them the amount!). Is he drinking and going to the bathroom regularly? That's something you need to tell the vet too. Puppys should be very hungry all the time! High-quality puppy food can't be found in grocery stores - you should go to pet stores and look at the ingredients - anything with corn meal or byproducts in their first five or so ingredients is a bunch of crap (grocery store brand and even Science Diet)! Food like Natural Choice aka Nutro have healthy ingredients for your pup. Take a look and you'll see the difference. In the meantime take the baby to the vet he may be sick.

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    I have a little test I do with my dogs - I give my dogs 10min to eat their food and if they havnt polished off that food within that time for more than 2 days in a row - I take them to a vet and there is usually a prob.

    Puppies generally have a very strong appetite and the fact that ur pup is not eating kebble and is getting thin is a worry.

    Maybe a check up by a vet is in order.

    Maybe a change of diet is a good idea.

    Add some puppy meat to his food and mix it in wiith his chunks.

    Go and get samples of puppy food from ur vet or petstore and see what he enjoys the most.

    I live in South Africa and I often add a little bit of maize meal to there food (cooked) - it tends to fatten them up a little - but it has to be supplemented with normal dog food.

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    In dry food, it is mostly grain. Dogs are omnivores, finding vegetables and other non- meat foods ijn its prey's stomach. The best food for dogs is wet food or a meaty dry food because dogs aren't crazy about all grain food and it can cause many health problems. I would suggest a brand like IAMS dry food or Purina Pro Pups wet food, both are for puppies.

    Source(s): Vet School
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    Call your breeder with this question. If a pup will not eat dry food alone you should be mixing in some canned food for it. How old is this puppy?

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    If he has been to the vet and had his shots and worm treatment,don't worry.They eat when they are hungry.Make sure it is puppy food so he will continue to grow.I feed my dog Nutra too.The venison and rice.he is older...

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    First thing, take him to the vet if you haven't already - he may have a stomach worm or something - also they will be able to recommend something - trust your vet, thats what they are there for!!

    Good luck, I love goldens - great dogs!!!

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    Science Diet is the best food for puppies!!

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