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BJJ wheels are coming off.?

I would like to hear everyones thoughts on BJJ. It seem to me that fighters have found a way to stop bjj guys dead in their tracks. Or at least slow them down.

I am not sure who first said this is but ....... " If you hit a BJJ black belt in the mouth real hard, they are now a brown belt, do it again and you got a purple belt"

I'm not saying bjj does not work, it works well. Its just not as dominating as it once was.

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    If you stick around long enough you see this sort of thing happen again and again. Years ago Judo demonstrators blew away Greco-Roman wrestlers in early exhibition matches. After Judo became more familiar, the Greco-Roman practitioners began to win. When Muay Thai practitioners first came on the full contact sparring scene, they devastated opponents by crushing kicks against the legs. After a few years, opponents were better able to defend against that, and successful attacks no longer had the "shock and awe" effect.

    You take a great fighter with great students, who are using techniques that are unfamiliar to the opposition, and of course they'll be dominant. Once others become familiar with those techniques, they not only find counters to those techniques, but effectively incorporate them into their own training and styles.

    You see this also in traditional martial arts. Arts from a certain region tend to bear a resemblance to each other. People who fight each other end up fighting like each other.

    I don't know if BJJ has reached this end-of-dominance point but if it has, it takes nothing away from the Gracies and their contribution to martial arts. They're still going to be great fighters. They've also inspired a renewed interest in grappling and introduced the whole ground fighting discipline to the non-wrestling world.

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    I would agree with you but this is nothing new. What would win an Olympic gold medal several years ago or the wining team in the Super Bowl would not probably win today. Usually with any sport you have changes take place in strategy, training and other aspects that are more sophisticated than those of the past and MMA is no different. BJJ has also made several modifications within their own style I think and they now teach ankle locks and knee bars which I am not sure they taught before. Also the quality of their striking and kicking has shown a great deal of improvement so many of those fighters see the short-comings of BJJ and have taken steps to maximize and broaden their skills.

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    BJJ has helped to evolve the sport which still has a lot of room for growth. a fighter who can defend against BJJ and know what positions to avoid will have an advantage givin the fighter has a game plan to force a BJJ fighter to either stand or be in a uncomfortable position. BJJ guys almost need to do what all the other fighters did but opposite, they need to improve their skills in striking, wrestling, and several other techniques so they dont depend on BJJ

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    BJJ is still the single most effective martial art you could learn for MMA or self-defense. The problem is that all the pros cross train now in multiple arts and they are all at least competent at BJJ (Jens Pulver winning by choke last night is a good example). You are correct that a pure BJJ fighter with no other training will not be successful at the highest level of MMA. However, no one can be successful in MMA without decent submissions and submission defense.

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    It's called "ground and pound", and wrestlers are the most adept at it, since they have the balance, strenght, and positioning.

    It's not new, guys like Mark "the hammer" Coleman and Mark Kerr did it so efficiently that they had to ban headbuts years ago.

    BJJ was the most efficient martial art at some point in MMA, now a wrestler with submission defense can neutralize it, but that's not enough nowadays to win, you need to know wrestling techniques and BJJ techniques for ground work.

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    BJJ is pretty effective if your opponent resists.

    BJJ is less effective if you turn into a blob of putty that just goes with it.

    My Tai Chi teacher has yet to be submitted by anyone who practices BJJ (many have tried and walked away demoralized). Some highly competent BJJ guys have tried, time and luck! :-)

    Not that it can't happen, he just shows us how to deal with pit bulls.

    The art doesn't determine competency, the practitioner (of whatever art) earns it.

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    Two big reasons....the rules changed in the UFC to make better television, (time limits, judges decisions, rounds) and people learned how to sprawl.

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    When all is said and done, no one art or style is the be all and end all of martial arts, which is why more and more people are taking Bruce Lee's advice going into MMA and training in other styles to complete their arsenal.

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    Once it was Karate, then Taek Wondo, then Kung FU, then BJJ..!! And after that it can be anything..!!

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