do you think i should publish my book called god? it is about all my philosophy towards god and how he is non existing. it often adds how could one god create all also there is the science explanations. But what kind of stuff would happen to me if i ask the ? does good honelsty exist and i answer no?!?!?!?!!?

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    You should probably entitle it more like "What I think about God" since it will mostly be comprised of YOUR ideas about such--and also I'm quite certain that title has already been used at one time or another...

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    Let me get this straight, you've written a book called 'god' which denies the existence of God but you are afraid of God's wrath if you share it with others?

    I don't understand why you aren't more confident in your own ideas. If thats what you honestly think and if your motive is to try to enlighten others or to share your honest opinions then why not publish it?

    I believe that goodness exists (its just hidden under a big heap of hamburger wrappers) however you are free to send your thoughts out into the world if you so choose.

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    Ok...that's funny. It would be like publishing a book that says you, the author, does not exist.

    That is why you are hesitating. Your own very existence is contradicting everything you've written in your book.

    You are a part of God. God and you are One. He is the Great "I Am", also translates to "You Are" because "I am" is how you call yourself.

    If you were to say that "There is no God", you would also be saying that we, the other beings and creations around you, do not exist, because we are also part of God since we call ourselves too as "I am". You know that we know that we exist!

    Do you not know the pain of nonexistence? Do you not know that many people around the world who may read that book may despair after thinking that they don't exist? Do you not know that because of that false belief, they may just drag around their lives aimlessly and lifelessly because they are thinking that they don't exist? (This is happening already.) Have pity! The world has so much miseries already, miseries that were brought about by that belief "There is no God".

    Those who truly know themselves - those who truly believe in themselves and in what they can become - know there's an inner light within them. They know that it is the soul. They know that it is God.

    "I Am. Therefore, I exist." If you are really a philosopher and been doing much thinking, you should understand by now what this means. If you don't, you better think some more before publishing that book. One of the things this world doesn't need is a literary author who doesn't even know who he is.

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    I think that before you make that horrible mistake, you should get on your knees and ask God to let you know that He does really exist and to allow His love to reach your heart and mind. I'm sure that your philosophy will change.

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    Jesus Christ died for you so why should you shun him after his large sacrifice?

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