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does women like their men to wax hes pubic area?

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    Everyone have different likes and dislikes.Personally me,i do like when guy is clean.Not necessarily you have to be waxed(which is nice) but even if you trim it that works too.Nothing worse when you go down and hair gets in your mouth or throat.I dont need that kind of dental flosing and i dont want to be digging down my throat to be getting hair out.Guys,we do it for you,so why not do it for us.I give you lot of respect that you care about that.Thumbs up.

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    yes it's better when he waxes his pubic area as well as other body parts (except for the hair on his head)

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    he doesn't neccesarily have to WAX...just as long as he stays well-groomed. I think thats the basic point most of us care about.

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    i dont know how old u r this is off the wall 4 me i am 48

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