My #is not in his cell?

I have been with my boyfriend for 9 years..on and off..this time we got back together in august and everything has been better than ever..which to me is scary because usually there is always something..he left his cell at home today and i NEVER go through it..i decided to take a look since he looks at mine all the time..i noticed that my cell and home phone were not programmed into the phone? when i call its just numbers? however his mom, dad, and other family members are me i feel thats reallly wrong ..but could i be wrong? what could be the reason as to why im not in the phone book?


well if he is saving me from pain then ill find out and make sure he feels much pain if he's cheating..which if he is makes me stupid because i see him everyday and basically live with him..he pays MY bills when i dont even want him he is dumb as hell knowing that im gonna find out..i cant wait til he gets home from work

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  • 1 decade ago
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    thats really could be that he doesnt want your name to show up when are you calling which is odd because that would mean that he has something to hide what i would have done was look at all the other numbers that call him that he didnt save and call and see who it is. after 9 years he should have your number in there by now!

    but like you said things have been better than ever so maybe you are just looking too into this if you trust him then i would just leave it alone choose your battles wisely.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No mystery...if your # came up with your name & you've been around for 9 yrs chances are your known to "other" women so in order to make sure no one calls you & no one knows that your still around he can't put your name---he may leave the phone somewhere else again.....Good thing is someone else here just asked the question why do we lie to the one we love. Well this is a clear case that he loves you because he's hiding you from pain even if he is a cheating man----forgive him for he doesn't no any better

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