Where Can I find a 3d puzzle for adults?

The only puzzles I can find are for children or they are small. Do you know where to find them for adults?

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    not sure about what stores are where you live but online try http://puzzlehouse.com/ There they have things like St Peter's Basilica and the Empire state building. Sounds hard enough for adults to me!

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    Toys R Us. I worked there and we have a bunch of 3D ones that contain lots of pieces. We have round ones that resemble globes, and you can assemble one to look like the earth, a garden or a fishbowl with fish, there is Pirates of the Carribean models that are put together to be the Black Pearl and the other ship, i'm forgetting the name, then we have some Disney 3D puzzles, one was Cinderella's magic castle. Not sure if these are adult enough for you because they still base their designs on movies from childhood but the round puzzles might be up your alley.

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    I don't know what state you're from. But here in Indiana I found 3-D puzzles at Meijer and at K-mart.

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