15Amp light fixtures on 20Amp circuit?

I have a 20amp circuit the provides power to my washing machine and the wall outlets in the adjacent room. I would like to add a light switch and light fixture. I'm planning on using 12/2 cables but the light switch and the light fixture will be rated at 15Amp. Would this cause a problem? Is it safe? Note that the existing wall outlets are all rated at 15Amp. The cable is 12/2.


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    yes its safe, or you could use 14/2

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    12/2 is 20 amp wire - safe here


    It depends on the load that is already on the entire circuit. For instance: You turn on the washer, then you plug something else in like a vaccum.

    If you are adding the switch and fixture to the 20 amp circuit you should use 20amp fixtures and switch. This way you don't have possible 20 amps going through a 15A switch.

    Now a light fixture is about 60-100 watts depending on bulb.

    The conversion of Watts to Amps is governed by the equation Amps = Watts/Volts

    For example 12 watts/12 volts = 1 amp

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    Technicaly this will work no problem. Code wise it is wrong.

    Your Washing Machine should be on its own 20amp cir. You should pull a set of #14 wires from the panel and split the outlets that are on the adjacent wall. (Hook the #14 wires to the adjacent wall and use the current #12 wires just for the washer) Then use the #14 wires to hook up to the new light fixture.

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    If your circuit is protected by a 20 AMP breaker then you must use the wire rated for that much current.

    Use #12 wire. NOT #14.


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    1 decade ago

    15A light fixture? You won't be using anywhere near that much current unless it is a big hall.

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