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Can you help me have the willpower not to look??

My boyfriend bought my Christmas gift but hasn't wrapped it yet. I know where it's at because there's limited space in our apartment and since I'm cleaning today he had to tell me where he hid it so I didn't go through things to clean and accidentally find it. He told me to stay out of his side of the closet.

Well, of course, NOW my curiosity is absolutely freaking KILLING me! I want to look SO VERY BAD but I know it would upset him if he ever found out I did...but I'm DYING to know, now that I know where it is! Help me stay out of his part of the closet!


Holy cow, it IS only 11 days isn't it??

Forget that, I don't have TIME to look...I've got so much to catch up on!

Update 2:

That was rude, of course I wouldn't cheat on him! Sheesh.

I CAN be trusted, and that's how I've managed to hold off is because of not ever being able to "un-look" as someone put it. It's just soooo frustrating! Thanks for the positive comments.

I'll let ya'll know what I got after I open it :P

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    Don't do it! Half the fun of Xmas is the anticipation of what you're getting - as I'm sure you already know, hence your question. Once you look, it's all over & you can't ever 'un-look'. The experience of the surprise can't be gotten back. It's only 12 more days. Also, think about how much it will suck that now you're forced to fake a surprise reaction when you get it. Think about how much nicer it is when your surprise will actually be genuine. Plus, do you really want to do that to him too? You'll hate yourself. It's once a year. Don't ruin it for yourself by making yourself wait a whole year again for the next time.

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    Try and forget about it my taking part in a LOT of activities. It'll keep your mind off it. Just don't open it. Ask him to wrap it. It's only 11 more days and opening early takes the fun out of Christmas, also if he finds out, he'll be awful mad!!!

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    Just realize how great the suprise of the gift will be for both of you if you see it on Christmas morning. Don't ruin the suprise. We all want to know what we're getting, but it's so much better to not know. It enhances the holiday fun.

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    Don't do it! It takes all the fun out of Christmas morning if you know what you are getting. You can do it, its only 12 more days!

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    I hate situations like those. Just take a deep breath and decide if you want to spoil the surprise or wait until its time. I would wait.

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    I am never that intrigued by a bottle of perfume or a pair of tights, lol.

    I don't do Christmas as I know it is a farce and not biblical so I got to watch my Simpson movie DVD as soon as I got :)

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    Wow he so needs to wrap that! Tell him to wrap it as soon as he gets home so you can't peak. My kids wrap my gifts from my husband the second he brings stuff home. They know I'll peak if they don't. It kills me too.

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    Don't do it no matter how much it drives you crazy! One, it'll ruin the Christmas surprise and two, it will disappoint him and three, it'll show him he can't trust you.

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    Leave your house!

    Go to the mall, library, coffeehouse, bookstore, or any other place that allows for lounging. That way, you won't be tempted.

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    I couldn't do it. I'll be the enabler here- GO LOOK and then tell us what it is, now we're curious!

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