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everyone is stealing my style, without giving my recognition. what do i do?

i have the best style. i wear preppy, formal clothing and lately that is the style that is becoming popular. other guys are wearing cardigans! ITS NOT FARE! no one gives me recognition for having such great style that has become so popular. i deserve to be thanked for having excellent taste. ppl used to laugh at my style, but now its considered trendy. what should i do?

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    Get over it, that's what you can do. All the clothes you wear obviously weren't designed by you, so they weren't originally yours to begin with.

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    that style is one of the many that is "in"

    so don't say it was your style!

    people wear what is "in" at the time

    when they made fun of you, I am guessing it was not "in" to look all preppy and ****

    but now it is cool to dress like that, so stop wanting recognition for something that was not your own style!

    Ps: I know what you mean an all but just let it go

    Source(s): I used to be like that till someone got mad at me lol
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    Wow.. Are you serious? You should be honored that you started this trend. Someone has to start trends. Just be proud of yourself that people want to imitate your style but don't get upset because no one is coming to you saying, "oh thank you Eddie for such a cool style." Thats ridiculous.. No one does that. They just copy. But you know that you were first..

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    Look you can do anything except make sure you tell everyone you were wearing that style before it was popular. I mean, hello, I am the one who taught Paris Hilton to dress her chihuhua.

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    lol..thats great but hun there is tv and tons of magazines that can get credit just kinda knocked any credit out the door by acting like a snob!

  • Kill yourself.

    Kidding...then who the hell would Nora and I *drag* to Rocky Horror?! heh, heh. Anywayyyys...

    yeah, I hear ya, bud. Take a look at Ms. Long...and my dad. It's all good though, I'd recommend starting a fight. Get all up in their grill & claim your damned territory, SON!!!! That's yo' property!!!!!!!!!!! (take it to the bridge)...


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    Put some ice on your head to help with the swelling. Ten years from won't give a sh** about any of this.

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    you r not the only person who has that style. plenty of other people dress that way.

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    uh, you definitely didnt start the style you're talking about

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    Simmer down, Eddie! Maybe you should go put on some Yoko Ono and have sex with your Asian fiance. That'll make you feel allllll betterrrrrrr.

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