After a Movie's Theatrical Release Date Has Passed, What Is the Easiest and Quickest Way to Find Out When. . .

. . .& Where a Movie Will Be Out In Local Movie Theaters?

I'm organizing, every couple of weeks, a "Dinner and a Movie Night OUT!" and would like to schedule Coming Attractions as close to the "local" Theatrical Release Dates, as possible.

Three, such, movies that I am interested in are:

* The Great Debate

* The Diving Bell & the Butterfly

* How to Cook Your Life

I am patiently awaiting their arrival in my home town.

Please post the source where you got your information.

with MUCH Appreciation & Gratitude,

רה פנינהіא (Orah P'ninah)


My zip code is 90808. Hope that helps! Thank you, everyone, for helping me out. I will follow-up on your recommendations. :o)

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  • Rhuby
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    1 decade ago

    Most movie theaters have online listings of what movies are playing. If your theater doesn't have a site you can call them and ask.

    Because we have no idea where you live or what theater you go to we can't answer this question for you.

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