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About Blank Page?

I have run every free spyware there is that people have told me to run to get rid of this stupid page....Can anyone help me out with a FREE easy way to get rid of it????? It is very annoying...Is it some kind of spy thing? Or what is it exactly? I do not want it. I also ran my computer cleaner (window washer) Webroot....Nothing seems to get rid of it...How did I get it anyway? HELP!!!!! Oh yeah I have Windows Vista if that makes a difference...

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    Your Home page in IE is set to Use Blank. In IE go to tools and select internet options and choose Use Current or Use Default for your home page.

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    The only spyware software I have found to work is CWShredder. I don't know if you can find a free version or not, but you can probably find a trial version. It really does work! Either that, or change your browser from I.E. to something else. It only seems to be problematic in that browser.

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    If you have Windows Vista, a tool called Windown defendence will help you.

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    Its probably your home page. Go to control panel -> web/internet options ->general -> type yahoo or hotmail or what ever you prefer where it says home page. apply. ok.

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    1. open IE

    2. click, tools

    3. click, Internet options

    4. click, general

    5. click, use default

    A blank page means you can have your home page just blank.

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