xp password trouble!?

Ok, here's what happened. I was trying to change my password, but what I did was I didn't type any character and saved it. Now, I can't login my admin account anymore. I tried booting in safe mode but when i click the admin acct., it still asks for a password and I had no luck trying to log in. What should I do?? I still have files in that a account that I haven't backed up! help pls?

I have tried leaving the textbox empty and and typing a single space but it still didn't work. The account is the ADMINISTRATOR account. And I have not created other user accounts so it's my only way to get in. I made another partition on my hard disk and installed another XP which I'm using right now..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    OK here is what you do. Download Hiren's Boot CD. Its freeware. Then you need to put the cd in the cd tray. Boot from the cd. Its probly F12 during post to bring up the boot menu. Select CD/Rom. When Hiren's boots select password tools. There you will find a program that will erase the current password. It wont tell you what the old one was but it will clear the current. Type exit and reboot. Then the password will be blank. Let me know if you need help. Find Hiren's here.


  • 1 decade ago

    dont enter anything ..just press logon ....you should be able to logon

    your password is empty not space ..

    else you can access form other XP as you are admin

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