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How do people paste pictures on cds?

I have a cd based on my brother's marriage.I want to present that to my brother with his picture on the cd.

So first i want to know how do they paste the cd.what they use...

i have seen many pirated cdz have pictures pasted on it.

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    Just print the covers and than bring that to a PHOTO SHOP and he can paste it for you but a small chrge will apply..

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    Like Jim J said, you basically have two options:

    Option 1: Use a lightscribe drive, and lightscribe CD/DVD, once you've finished burning the media, flip it over, and select the image you want on the CD from your computer, put it in the program, and put the CD/DVD back into the tray and let it rip.

    Option 2: Get a label maker, and make the picture in paint or PS, and then paste into the label maker program, print the label, and attach it yourself.

    Option 3: Yes, I know I only mentioned two earlier, but you could always take it to a CVS/Walgreens, they can do this kind of stuff for you, but it'll be expensive.

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    What you ought to do it get ahold of a huge-unfold flashchronic, or greater suitable yet, an exterior perplexingchronic. I take a brilliant number of photographs too, and that i've got an exterior with a 300GB ability. My photographs from the final 3-4 years take up approximately 25GB, so it would final awhile. they are able to be expensive, yet are nicely worth it.

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    it's a special kind of CD that is printable plus u need the right kind of printer that prints on CDs, so unless u wanna get the printer (the CD is no real difference in price) u either get it to a pro (pirate most likely :P), or forget about it.

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    Some DVD burners have what is called "scribing" capabilities which will write a graphic to the cd.


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    my grandpa have a wired type of paper that lets you print a circle picture on it and you paste it on then it looks like if was not pasted

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