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Why is the USA against Iran having nuclear power?

If the answer is that they may diversify into weapons why would they? Using nuclear weapons would only lead to Irans anialation by some of the countries which already have them.

Not many countires are stupid enough to stockpile billions of dollarsworth of weapons they dare not use at the expense of their citizens welfare.

And only one country is stupid enough to spend annualy 10 times more than any other.

But historically the USA always likes a stand off with Russia. In Korea, in Viet Nam and in Iran.

So could the reason be that the USA just hates the idea of the power plant being built by Russia?

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    Personally I believe no country including the U.S. should be allow to have nuclear weapons. And they should all be transparent to the international community and UN. Its a matter of when and not if there is going to be a nuclear war if Nukes are not vanished from the face of the earth.

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    It seems that America only likes its "friends" to have nuclear power. Iran isn't a friend of the USA, The American government is scared that Iran might use the nuclear against them.

    There are many governments that put producing weapons first, and their citizens second. An example is the government of Ethiopia who were forewarned to prepare for the drought of 1984, and had enough money to do so, however the government of the day spent all the money on weapons and support of warlike activities amongst various groups within the country. (I am not sure if I would be correct to use the term civil war) As a result thousands of people died of starvation and the world had to step in and give them aid. I am not saying Iran is one of these weapons before people countries, it just that America thinks they might be and so doesn't trust Iran. America wants everyone to do what the Americans tell them to do, and they are scared that Iran might not listen. There is huge anti americanism in Iran (and many other countries like Venuzuala, Russia, France, Afghansitan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria etc) and even countries that have pro american governments like Britain, Australia, Canada have large numbers of citizens that would describe themselves at anti-american.

    When I say Anti American I mean the American government and their foreign policy not american citizens.

    A very good movie by John pilger about Anti americanism in Venuzuala was made this year - when you watch you will understand why - I think the movie was called death of a democracy. Other John Pilger films are listed at If you are interested in world politics you will like his straight to the point approach.

    Interestingly America is also country that puts weapons before its citizens. America is one of the only first world countries that does not provide free health care to its citizens, yet spends trillions on weapons, new tanks, air carriers etc etc.

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    It because of the fact Israel needs to be the only u . s . in the middle east to have the bomb, and because we are a puppet government of Israel we persist with their orders. there isn't any data that Iran is even attempting to make a bomb, and so a ways they have not been shown to have violated the words of the NPT. unusual, Israel won't sign the treaty, yet they save with the rhetoric approximately no longer allowing Iran even to generate electrical energy by utilising nuclear skill.

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    The game has change we are not dealing with people who are afraid to die.

    The only reason why the MAD policy work is because the Russains didn't want to die either.

    Difference with Vietnam and Korea.

    Vietnam & Korea didn't want to wipe another country off the map.

    Iran is supply weapons that killing our troops now.

    So what should we do wait until they give a nuke to a group and NYC glows blue before we do something?

    Or should we let Israel be wipe off the map to appease them?

    Here is something your consider should everyone be allow to carry any kind of gun they want in the streets?

    If not why not because cops have guns?

    Think about it.

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    Because given the track record of the countries over there, there is a good chance that they will make nuclear weapons, or the materials could be more easily stolen to make nuclear weapons.

    Think of how much worse 9/11 could have been if there was a nuclear bomb on board the plane/s.

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    The only country of the world used the nuclear weapon was the USA so the world must fight USA till it destroy all nuclear weapons and if the Iranian asked the USA company to work with them to create a nuclear programs it would not be a problem because the Americans will gain the Iranian money but the real problem that the Iranian does not co-operate with the Americans so the USA administration will keep fighting against Iran.

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    That is only for the people, Iran is simply two things, Oil, and to keep a hedge around China, can you imagine the audacity of a leader telling another leader that he has to tell them what they are doing in their own country. America is the new Babylon, and will be destroyed by GOD HIMSELF...It has an immense amount to do with Russia building the plants, I bet Iran has already gotten multiple Nukes, and they would be foolish to use them if they ever did...

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    Don't be ridiculous! NATO has even offered to deliver them enriched uranium and pick up spent fuel rods. What we don't want is them making weapons as they agreed they would not when they signed the NNPT. They have already violated this agreement by starting a weapons program covertly. Whether or not they have stopped is a moot point as they have not dismantled the equipment.

    I think you as many only hear what you want to hear. Look it up we have offered to provide fuel rods for the generation of electricity.

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    I think the reason is trust. The current nuclear weapon powers are...

    United States







    In general, not only the US, but the world in general trusts those nations. Now reasons for the trust range from high trade activity (no one's going to nuke people they're making money off of) to general military and political alliances. In both cases the United States do not have these same things in common with Iran. Trade is not very, very high like with France or China and they're definately is no military aliance there....

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    Why would Iran want to build a Nuclear Power Plant, for producing Electric you say, if that's what they want to do, why don't they just install Solar Electric Panels?

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