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English Paper- Gay Marriage?

Okay well I have a paper to write on Gay Marriage. My class has to write as being against Gay Marriage being legalized in the United States. The topic I was assigned was the legal protections and rights of this. Remember I have to oppose gay marriage, I could use all the help that I can get to make my paper good, thanks in advance!

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    The Bible is so clear in what it says about homosexuality. It calls it an abomination (Lev. 18:22). Incidents of homosexuality in Sodom and Gomorrah stirred up God's wrath against the twin cities (Gen 19:5-13; Jude 7). Even the New Testament speaks against homosexuality (Romans 1:26,27) and homosexual tendencies (1 Cor. 6:9). There really is no controversy.

    A few years ago I heard a "preacher" on Oprah claim that the Bible never condemned homosexuality and that it actually endorsed that lifestyle. Unfortunately no one had the audacity to ask him exactly where in the Bible it did any such thing. It is very difficult for anyone to use the Bible to justify homosexuality. In fact it cannot be done. There is not one single scripture which directly or indirectly justifies homosexuality.

    Homosexuals also claim that they were born that way and that they have a gay gene, such that they cannot be otherwise. I just find it hard to figure out how someone, if both parents were straight, could end up with a gay gene. Besides, this is based on very specious science. This certainly has not been scientifically proven. Further, if people have a gay gene, why stop there? Why not champion the cause of a polygamous gene, or a mass-murderer gene? These are choices people make. If you want to be gay, then be gay. Don’t try to make it look like you had no choice. Take responsibility for your choice and deal with it.

    However I have heard an argument for homosexuality which have some merit. This position agrees and concedes that homosexuality is wrong. But it goes on to say that Christians are wrong to condemn homosexuals in the church. They accuse heterosexual Christians of employing double standards. Why are they so conservative against homosexuality, but so liberal concerning divorce and remarriage. The argument goes on to state the most remarriages (after divorce) are adulterous relationships, yet most Christians have no problem with that. But they have a problem with homosexuality. Why are they so vehemently opposed to homosexual fornication, while at the same time tolerant of certain brands of heterosexual fornication?

    It's something to think about, isn't it? Needless to say that homosexuality is still a sin, whether or not Christians employ double standards. There is absolutely no doubt that homosexuals are in the wrong. But are we in the right? And by "we", I really mean "you", because I also believe that most remarriages after divorce are adulterous.

    And what about gay rights? Many Christians are strongly opposed to gay rights, such that this has been a major political factor in the last two US presidential elections. But we need to understand that being opposed to homosexuality and being opposed to the rights of homosexuals are two entirely different things. Is there are biblical precedent that homosexuals should not be offered jobs in the public service etc solely on the basis that they are gay? What about people who commit heterosexual fornication? Should they also be debarred from becoming school teachers?

    The purpose of the church is not to rescue the ship from sinking. The ship has already been declared sea unworthy and is already condemned to sink. Our job is to rescue the perishing. We do not accomplish that by legislating righteousness. Righteousness by definition can not be legislated. It can only be imputed by God through faith in Jesus Christ. It would be more advisory for the church to focus on its job of winning the lost and proclaiming Christ than launching political crusades against select groups of sinners.

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    As you write, begin introducing the religious aspects of gay marriage, and it's relation to legality, i.e., being against the laws of God. I'm afraid that if you do that, you will get a big "F" for your trouble, though. Noone wants to hear God's truth. Sorry, my bad.

    Really, though. Traditional wedding vows, and ceremonies contain the truth that marriage is a HOLY institution, instituted by God, between a man and a woman.

    Looking at the meanings of the word 'wife', as referenced in the Hebrew and Greek dictionaries; in Hebrew, the word wife means the FEMALE version of a mortal, or person. In the Greek, the word 'wife' means a WOMAN.

    In a marriage, there is a husband, and a wife. By meaning, and definition, a wife is FEMALE, a WOMAN.

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    this shoule be easy to write about.. .. just compare the pro and cons of the subject... i mean is when someone tells you that gay marriage is wrong, for a reason such as the law states it must be a man and wife,,, ask if a marriage is a legal union, for legal purposes of love, then why cant they marry.. If the person says that the church does not allow it,, then they dont have to get married in that church... etc

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    This is so typical of American teachers. They would never get you to write a piece from a racist point of view- so why one against gays? It is just wrong. I think I would refuse to indulge someone else's homophobic views if I were in your position- but I know that's a tough choice when you are at school.

    I suggest you think like a right wing idiot for this task. Write about the sanctity of marriage. How only a man and woman can be legally bound as family. That a man cannot add another man to his family and a woman cannot add a woman. etc etc. could always oppose it on the basis of the rights etc not being equal to those of straight couples, and demand it be better.

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    I particularly tend to place in writing papers with smarmy titles. My very final for my Islamic study classification replaced into called "All Muslims are Terrorists!: Anti-Islamic Sentiment in america" I additionally like parenthesis. i could flow with "gay adult men desire Bridal Registries: The legal and Socal Controversy of gay Marriage" Or "Heather's Mommies would desire to be legal: The long street to Marital Equality" something like that. yet it extremely is by way of the fact i actually am smarmy.

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    I would say, list the reasons why people are for and against it, and here's a website I found:

    I don't know if it helps or not!

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