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Do you belive in Santa Claus?

I don't know if I do so I'm asking you.

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    Of course I do ..............for many many years. My husband actually met santa in siberia!

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    Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. Yes even at 28 years of age I still believe in Santa Claus. No he is not for me the jolly fat guy in a bright red suit that children line up to get their picture taken with. Santa to me is the Salvation Army person standing and ringing the bell raising money for those less fortunate. Santa is all of the people in the churches, firestations, banks, toys for tots, that run drives and all the people that give toys to be given to those that are less fortunate. Santa to me is the person that will go and spend time in the nursing homes with the elderly that don't have family to visit them on a holiday or family that just refuses to come.

    Whenever we were younger we were taught that Santa was someone who cared and someone who brought us gifts. As a child we were given the image of Santa as being the jolly guy in the big read suit. However we grow older and a lot of us stop believing. Somewhere our innocence is lost. We outgrow the toothfairy, the easter bunny, and even the boogey man that lives in the closet or the monster under the bed. In turn we grow old and soon Santa is lost among all of these other creatures.

    However though, I feel that that is where we as humans loose a lot of what the sense of Christmas is truly about. Somewhere between mostly the ages of 9 and 14 most children stop believing. Somewhere between the ages of 9 and 14 we start counting presents, who's got the biggest gift, who's got the most, who's got the most expensive thing. The bigger the better, the more expensive the better. And this never seems to go away. Then it becomes as we get older, I need to spend more, I need to buy more, they need to get more. When infact we have now lost all concept with the true reality, Santa is real. On Christmas day most people sit at home with their families surrounded by a mountain of presents. They sit down to a table filled with food, a royal feast. Santa does not stop here, Santa has no reason too. Here Santa does not exist and therfore these people never see Santa.

    However though, Santa is the one knocking on the door of a home a few days before Christmas to bring a box of gifts to a family that otherwise wasn't going to have a single present to open on Christmas day.

    Santa stands on Christmas day handing out hot food a real dinner not just a slice of bread and oatmeal, but ham, green beans, mashed potatoes and dinner rolls on Christmas day to people that other wise have empty shelves with no food on them and empty refridgerators at home.

    Santa sits in a nursing home with an lady that no longer remembers her name, and who's family has given up on her and left her here to die. They sit at home with their feast and presents while their mom sits here alone in a nursing home. Santa sits a reads to this lady. Listens to her talk about how things were when she was back in her prime. Even though she may not know who he is or even come tomorrow that he was even here, he sits with her on Christmas so she is not alone.

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    The older people never believe in this.The young ones love fantasizing the existence of Santa and love to believe ..............There's no harm in this.Let the kids have some pleasure in believing's good.When I was very young, I too believed that Santa did really exist.

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    Last year I was in demre in Turkey..The place where santa born.. After my visit I start to believe him.. Try to read smthng about demre and check pics..

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    No Kris Kringle was from the German folk lore a fairy tale .

    Christ mas day is a day set aside to honer the birth of

    Jesus Christ our Savior of the Christian faith

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    they come in differnt shapes and sizes - you could say. not like, a big belly,w ith raindeers and in bright red. nope. but as people who give you presents ( during christmas) when you've been nice the whole year - then yes.


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    How old are you?

    I don't believe in Santa!!!

    And havent since I was like 7 but then again!!!

    I dunno if you wanna believe then you go right ahead!!

    But I personally do not!

    *MeRRy ChrIstmaS!*

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    I believe that there was really a Saint Nick....but the way it carried out to with flying reindeer and all that, no I do not.

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    I have seen him yesterday he is coming down by parachute it seems his deers have broken down

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    When I was smaller I did, then I guess I grew out of it.

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