what do you think of the chocolate war-the book...i need it for my homework?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the book explores alot of different issues-

    it te;lls readers to stand up for themsleves-but not nesseserely meaning you get ur own own-jerry

    goober is like the author, wot he thinks of the story,

    it is wriiten very strongly in the structure and language like short sentanes and swear words.

    personally i think the storline isnt too goo d cos a kid wont be almot mursered if he wont sells chocolates for his school,

    the school is the setting, the author chose that cos it will attract teenagers- the story can be set anywhere really, like in a company, instead of selling choclates, it could be looking for new costomerse or sumthing.

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