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hair question?

Does anyone know a really good curl shaping gel for my hair?

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    I don't know any gels, but I know that Loreal Studioline springing curls mouse works great. It's an excellent product and I always use it. Now depending on your hair type it can make your hair a bit curly or wavy, and it gives you hair volume so you can go out with that nice bouncy look. Well I hope this helped you in some way!

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    I like Deb, but I don't use the curl shaping one, I use a stronger level.

    I have really curly fine hair and that works for me.

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    I have SUPER CURLY hair..and I use Garneir Fructis sleek & shine. (its in a green bottle thing lol--sp?) i buy it a Wal-mart. Its not a gel..but it does shape the curls and get the friz away..this is what i do:

    Take a shower..

    brush and part my hair..

    put quarter size glob in my hand..

    put it all over my hair (scrunch & crap)...

    put it in a bun( hair tie ) pull it tight..

    then pull up and make it looooooose...

    go to sleep...or if you have a lot of time in the morning..

    and you can also blow dry your hair with that in it if you take showers in the morning...

    Hope I helped : )

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    go to the store and buy this gel that says for curl only.

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    i highly recommend that u try using john frieda's curl enhancing products! they work great! the best one is a curl defining/enhancing spray called DREAM CURLS. u wont regret it. i use it on my clients and they just love the results, and it wont flake, won't make ur hair stiff either.

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    Try Pantene.

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