i need some christmas poems, just some ideas?

For christmas in the xmas cards me and my mum are putting short christmas poems by ourselfs in it and we need some ideas like short poems that u might be good at, we wanted to include how much money we had and now dont and what christmas really means being there for your loved ones and so on and it needs to rhyme

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    Holy, Holly, Trees so Green

    Christmas is here

    And it can be seen

    Boxes of wants

    And Boxes of needs

    With generous giving

    That rids of us greed

    Bells are all ringing

    And churches are singing

    Joy is a glowing

    And Love is a growing

    Merriest Sentiments

    And Life full of cheer

    Is what we are wishing for

    This time of year.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Look up the Christmas Dog by Shel Silverstein

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    5 years ago

    Jingle bell. Jingle bell. Jinkgle all the way. All mefamemfw fem mem em em em em HEy! Jingle bell, Jingle bell. Jingle all the way.

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