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I got a ACER laptop with Pioneer DVDRW. I changed the region to watch a DVD from 2 to 1. No problems. I had two changes left. laptop is now notallowing me to change back. I have 1 try left but everytime I try and change back to region 2 it says I either dont have a region 2 DVD in the player (which I do) or I dont have admin rights (which as far as I know, i do) Any suggestions of how to change back or any free patches to go DVD region free.

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    1 decade ago
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    As a general rule of thumb, I never change the region on my DVD drives on any of my computers for this very reason. I had to learn the hard way as well. Now I have two DVD burners installed in my desktop, one for region 1 and the other for region 2.

    To solve your problem, I recommend trying a couple different things. First open up the Device Manager (Right click on My Computer, choose Properties, and under the Hardware tab click the "Device Manager" button). From there, expand "DVD/CD-ROM Drives" and right click on yours (there should only be one there, presumably). Choose properties. You can change the region under the "DVD Region" tab without ever inserting a DVD into the drive this way.

    If that doesn't work (ie, you get the same message about administrative rights), try restarting Windows in safe mode and doing the same thing. Here's information on Safe Mode from Microsoft:

    While you're in safe mode, you may want to check the User Account settings in the control panel and give yourself admin rights. Or for security, create a seperate admin account. This way, when you're using your computer under your normal account, any virus or trojan that may inject your computer doesn't have admin rights.

    If that doesn't work--and this is a good alternative solution for the future anyway, since you won't have any region changes left--you can copy the DVDs that don't match your DVD drive's region code. This can be a seemingly complicated process at first for beginners, but it is possible and isn't really all that difficult. You can find information on this at

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    5 years ago

    Windows media player will usually ask you and give you 2 or 4 chances to change but im not too sure

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