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privacy name field?

No matter what I do to my contact information or my profile. My name is plastered all over my messages. How do I keep my full name from being on the message.

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    Click the Messenger menu and select My Contact Details.

    Fill in BOTH the First and Last name you’d like others to see you in Yahoo! Messenger.

    When you're finished, click Save & Close.


    Go to the Make sure you are signed in, then click " View My Profiles." The next page will list your ID and any profiles that you have already created. To edit your profile, click the "Create/Edit Profile" button near the top. The only required field is the actual name—all other information is optional.

    When you're done, use the "Create Profile" button. This will take you back to your profile list, with your changes you made. Make sure to click the "Finished Editing" link to save your changes.

    NOTE: Your Old Name Setting Will Continue To Show For Anyone

    who already added your older name information to their Messenger List or Address Book will continue to display that information in their Messenger Lists and Address Books

    If you want them to see your ID differently, you should request that they remove you from their Messenger Lists and/or Address Books, and then Add you again as a new contact with your new information.

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