Do you think That Pats* fans are poor sports??

Pats* fans had my answer that included a "*" removed. I just think that an "*" is a cool punctuation mark. Why the animosity? No Pats* fans please. I would like an unbiased opinion.


I believe it had something to do with "How will you remember the Pats* year from now" or something to that extent. My answer was simply: *

Update 2:

Points don't matter.

Update 3:

Obviously, TL, you failed to read the question completely. It explicitly says "No Pats* fans please". I guess I get another biased opinion from a Pats* fan.

Update 4:

Foggy, how is the question insulting? It is nothing more than a mere question. Some people just take things way too seriously. Plus you obviously failed to read the question completely.

Update 5:

Foggy, how is the question insulting? It is nothing more than a mere question. Some people just take things way too seriously. Plus you obviously failed to read the question completely.

Update 6:

Foggy, how is the question insulting? It is nothing more than a mere question. Some people just take things way too seriously. Plus you obviously failed to read the question completely.

Update 7:

I'll agree with you Ashley R. Great point.

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  • me
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    1 decade ago
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    of course they are, these people don't know sportsmanship listen to them brag and talk trash, and look at how they ignore right and wrong because their team is winning with the fact their coach is a cheater. Patriots* fans have a big number of fans just like the Yankees fans who are fairweather.

    I apologize to the very few Patriots* fans on here who aren't obnoxious.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    mutually as I accept as true with you that the throwing of trash on the sector is a demonstration of undesirable sportsmanship, and ask your self why it took see you later for an assertion to be made, I additionally ask your self why every physique might think of that the habit of a few boneheads reflects a team's finished fan base. I exceedingly locate it curious coming from a Tigers fan who probably is a Detroit community. is this the same Detroit the place riots broke out after the Tigers gained the international sequence in 1984? the same Detroit that grew to become into trashed after the Pistons gained the NBA identify in 1989? the same Detroit the place the followers threw lots stuff on the Pacers that Ron Artest ended up going into the stands (Nov. 19, 2004). Or the same Detroit who's' hockey team's maximum enjoyed custom is composed of throwing an octopus on the ice before a playoff game? My factor is that each and every single team , in spite of what city or game, has some actual morons as followers. to choose an entire team's fan base on the movements of a few isn't basically surprising short sided, it somewhat is basically as ignorant as judging a race of people via the movements of a few.

  • 1 decade ago

    No, we are not. It is true, we have had bad teams in the past. The team finally got turned around when the Classy Mr. Robert Kraft purchased the team, keeping it from moving to St. Louis, and hiring one of the Best coaches in history, Bill Parcells. With Parcells and then-Patriots best-ever quarterback Drew Bledsoe took the team to a different level. However, when Belichick was brought in, in 2000, the team was transformed into one of the best run in NFL history, and continues to be. After all of the years of frustration, including the years with Parcells who took us to the Super Bowl, but bailed out the week of the Super Bowl, we finally know what it's like to have a winning team and organization, and are still a bit new at how to handle all of this success. But, along with handling the success, we also have to handle a lot of people who are jealous of the team for all of the success that it is experiencing. What a lot of us Pats fans are doing is just sticking up for our team, as you do for your own team. We just point out our strengths, all the while people all over the place try to point out any negatives, and magnify them beyond what they really are. Like the "spygate". Let's see how much publicity the Jets get for what they did. Not much, I would guess. A lot of the reason being, the Jets SUCK! If they were as successful as the Pats, there would be more scrutiny and criticism. Instead, there is and will be a form of sympathy for them and Mangini. That is all. As in all walks of life, there are going to be "poor sports", and yes there are some in New England, but for the most part, we are just Proud of our home town team!

  • rob
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    1 decade ago

    No, I think Pats fans are overly sensitive, due to the extreme rantings of some on this board. The range and depth of the comments are ridiculous. So I think the rule has become, when in doubt, flag.

    By the way, it wasn't me. I would prefer an environment where people can take irresponsible posters to task publicly, rather than delete them, but yahoo doesn't really allow that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    All teams have fans that give them a bad name floating around out there somewhere. I think it just seems right now that some of the more annoying Pats fans are the ones being overly vocal and slightly obnoxious. I definitely don't group all Pats fans in that category by any means.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a Jets fan, and I don't think the Pats fans are good sports, but I do think the Patriots team is a bad sport

    Also, and NFL official found the camera not a Jet fan or coach

  • 1 decade ago

    Not any more than a Patriot hater who constantly puts * in every answer concerning the Pats when its obvious he knows nothing about the Pats or the history between Belichick and Mangini, and therefore mistakenly wants to question every win and every Super Bowl

  • cma80
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    1 decade ago

    you can't get an unbiased opinion on here, sorry.

    and to answer your question*, there are fans of all teams on here that report for ludicrous things. Just don't let it bother you. Its not like you can cash in your points for a new toaster or something

  • mrkeef
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    1 decade ago

    There are about 100 REAL Patriots fans out there and the rest are Sox fans thinking everyone else is a Yankee.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have to agree with TL if you go out of your way to insult, Pats fans, or fans of any other team, expect to have your answers reported...

    Someone reported me the other day, for asking a question about the "green dot" .. I wanted to know what would happen, if they put green dots on all the helmets.... I wanted funny creative answers, and it was reported... go figure.

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